Jon Bon Jovi: A celebrity who gets it. A 59-year-old woman with an incredible hockey shot. And “West Wing” Leo and Bartlet joy

Jon Bon Jovi has always struck me as one of those celebrities who “gets it.” He went from being basically a big-haired rock star in the 1980s who could’ve easily floated into oblivion in the 1990s, to a legitmate mega-watt rock star who is still going strong with his band 25 years after “Living on a Prayer” rocked my 11-year-old world in 1986. (Man I feel old now after typing that sentence.) He has done a ton of commendable charity work, and really tries to give back to the community he grew up in in New Jersey.

I was thinking of him this week because of a ridiculous Twitter rumor someone started that he had died, and in the course of checking it out I came across this story from a few months ago.  In Red Bank, N.J., Bon Jovi opened up a soul food restaurant with a different twist: Customers could come in and dine, and then would pay what they felt the meal was worth. If they gave $20, great. If they gave $40, even better.

The other twist was this: If you had no money to pay, you could work off your meal either in the kitchen, or doing some other work in the community.

Here was Jon Bon Jovi’s quote when the place opened in late October: “What this restaurant is truly meant to do is empower. “You don’t come in here with a sense of entitlement. You come in here and volunteer because we need your help.”

A terrific idea, and another sign that Jon Bon Jovi is one of the good guys.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

**This is maybe the most remarkable athletic feat I’ve seen this year.

A 59-year-old woman in upstate New York named Brenda Hewlett was chosen for one of those goofy between-period contests at a minor league hockey game. Brenda, who had never played hockey in her life, had to, without any warmup, shoot a puck from the opposite blue line all the way into the other net, and through a tiny hole and into the net. If Brenda did that, she’d win a brand new truck.

The promotion occurred at a Federal Hockey League game between the Akwesane Warriors and 1,000 Island Privateers (I bet they make a great salad dressing! Ha, I’m here all week, try the veal) in Massena.

Take a look at what happened. Miracles do happen around Christmas every year.

**And finally, two feel-good moments from my favorite TV show ever, “The West Wing.” The first one is here, after Leo has to admit publicly he had a painkiller addiction several years ago. Here Bartlet is talking to the Cabinet member who has to stay out of the building during the State of the Union, lest someone blow up the Capitol.

This second one was from the episode when Leo was testifying before Congress about Bartlet’s MS. Two fabulous actors, one fabulous scene I love every time I see it.

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