A Merry Christmakah to all. Rest in Peace, Jets 2011 season. And Detroit finally gets some football joy.

A very Merry Christmas to all my readers who celebrate the holiday, and a continued Happy Hanukkah to all my fellow Members of the Tribe out there. I’m having a terrific holiday so far; two days in a row of delicious home-cooked latkes (by the way, my new favorite thing ever is this: I just learned through a friend about a Jewish singles meeting event that takes place regularly. What’s it called? Vodkas and Latkes.), great times with family and friends, and a few gifts too!

My favorite gift so far was this great contraption above: It’s a Rechargeable Wine Opener from The Sharper Image, and it takes all the difficulty out of opening a bottle of wine (for people like me, believe me, it’s difficult!). This baby is electric, recharges itself, and takes like three seconds to open up that Merlot.

Now I’m not exactly Paul Giamatti from Sideways but anything that makes life a little easier, I’m all in favor of.

I hope your gifts make your life easier this holiday season, too.

**And now, for a little football game played Saturday afternoon, that was hyped beyond belief here in New York.

The 2011 Jets season died on Saturday. It was a slow death, coming on for months, and there were about 77,000 mourners at the funeral at MetLife Stadium Saturday.

The cause of death was familiar to those who’d watched the dying breaths of the patient: Erratic quarterback play, terrible playcalling, a porous offensive line, a lack of a pass rush, and tackling that would make 9-year-old Pop Warner players be embarrassed.

The New York Giants didn’t so much as beat the Jets as they simply sat and let the boys in green and white set themselves on fire. Oh, the Giants made a few nice plays here and here, sure. But mostly, it was the inept, punchless, pathetic, forever-maddening Jets that took the knife to their own collective chest.

I’ll be in California next week when the deceased plays again, one final game against the Miami Dolphins. Sure, the Jets are still mathematically alive, but really, they’re dead.

And I’m OK with it. I don’t want them to make the playoffs now, because that might mask what a disaster this season has been. I want Rex Ryan to shut up. I want Santonio Holmes to grow up. And mostly, I want their season to be over so I can stop suffering while watching them.

Some other quick-hit NFL thoughts for your Christmas:
— Very happy for the Lions fans who finally get to celebrate having a playoff team, after 12 years without one. They’ve got a great thing going there in Detroit with Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson.
— Impressive performance from the suddenly un-dead Bills against the Denver Tebows.
— Cincinnati’s Jerome Simpson may have made the leap of the year; check him out on YouTube.

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