California dreamin’ on a winter’s day. The Rangers are kicking some serious butt. And the Christmas carolers you don’t want to hear.

The blogging may be a little lighter than usual for the next week or so, my dear readers.

After going almost non-stop to grad school for the past six months, I’m taking a little vacation. My lady and I are headed from N.Y. to California for a week with friends, their babies who we haven’t met, and a hopefully gorgeous drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

I love Northern California so much; we’re going to be stopping in Monterey, a place I’ve been to twice and think is about as pretty as it gets. Maybe take a vineyard tour; always wanted to do one of those. Maybe do some things in San Francisco first; one of the world’s great cities, in my opinion. Such great food, great people, and OK, so it drops 40 degrees at night. Not the worst thing in the world.

Anyways, will probably post a few times but not every day like normal. Somehow, I feel you’ll survive.

**One of the great parts of moving back to NY last summer is I’m getting to fully enjoy the incredible season my New York Rangers are having. Seriously, my boys are playing phenomenal hockey right now. They beat the hated Islanders again Monday night (that never gets old) and as of this writing have the most points of any team in the East.

Getting to see a lot of the games, I have to say that this Rangers team is extremely likeable. They’ve got some young kids who are really coming along, like John Mitchell and Carl Hagelin, vets like Marian Gaborik and Ryan Callahan are playing up to their potential, and King Henrik is in net.

They’ve had streaks like this in past seasons, but they’re 35 games into the year; this is no streak. Definitely starting to get excited for playoff time…

**Finally, this is what happens when some people decide to go caroling in the middle of the night, waking people up. I don’t blame these homeowners at all; I’d kick ’em out too. Pretty funny, though…

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