Journey and Jefferson Starship were right: San Francisco rules. And Rob Schneider’s career completely eludes me

Spent the last 2 1/2 days in (well, OK, near) one of my favorite American cities, San Francisco. And the city that Journey sang about in “Lights” and Starship dedicated “We Built This City” too was again fabulous to me.

Some quickie thoughts on this awesome place:
— People were unfailingly friendly here. To the man who gave up his seat on the bus to my girlfriend, to the woman who told us a quicker route to get where we were going, I was very impressed by the politeness of the locals.
— Had been here a few times but never visited Golden Gate Park. What a gem of a place. Walked through the National AIDS Memorial Grove, which was very moving, and there’s beautiful greenery and a Japanese Tea Garden and all kinds of fun stuff to see there.
— Tried to get to the Golden Gate Bridge to see a sunset, but the traffic was so awful that our bus never made it before it got dark. Annoying, but at least I’ve seen the bridge before.
— Went to City Lights Bookstore, the famous landmark where a bunch of the Beat poets got their start. Such a wonderful place. I hope it stays in business forever.
— You literally cannot go wrong eating at any Italian restaurant in North Beach. I feel like we could’ve thrown a dart and had a great meal.
— Finally, saw this sign at a restaurant in San Francisco’s Ferry building: “Tasty Salted Pig Parts.”

There isn’t enough money in the world to get my mother to eat there. Even I was sorta turned off.

**So after dinner Thursday night we were watching a few minutes of TV and I saw a promo for a new Rob Schneider sitcom on CBS. And I just laughed out loud, before blurting out “Seriously, why is Rob Schneider still getting jobs in TV and movies?”
I mean, I defy you to find a worse actor, or a more unfunny comedian, who continues to be employed regularly. Have the CBS people who green-lighted this show ever seen the “Deuce Bigelow” series? What about anything Schneider has done since leaving “Saturday Night Live?” The only good thing I’ve ever seen him in was as the radio announcer in the loved-only-by-me movie from the 1990s, “Necessary Roughness.”

And yet, despite being unfunny, despite having pretty much no redeeming qualities as an actor and comedian, Schneider continues to be given opportunities. I’m sure there are comedians sitting at home right now, who are 15 times funnier, just fuming that this guy is getting another break, while they aren’t.

Sigh. I just don’t get Hollywood execs sometimes. “Dirty Sexy Money” got cancelled, but Rob Schneider gets green-lit?

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