Daily Archives: January 2, 2012

The Jets come apart in a horrible end to the season. A Happy New Year starts with yoga. And Ben Affleck, reconsidered

Well, that was just a fine and dandy way for the Jets to finish their season, eh?

As I suffered through most of the game on TV from Southern California (amazingly, it was the local game here yesterday; even when I try to get away from the Jets, they find me), I had very little interest or passion for it, I found. They are so unworthy of making the playoffs, and I knew even a good performance against Miami wouldn’t wipe away the stench of this disappointing season.
But you know, I gotta hand it to the boys, they still managed to tick me off. Mark Sanchez with three more truly brutal interceptions, two by defensive linemen. A sieve-like offensive line allowing the Dolphins to do whatever they wanted.

And a defense that played, once again, just badly enough to lose. More fun continued toward the end of the game, when star receiver/ultimate diva Santonio Holmes yelled at teammates in the huddle and was then benched for the final few minutes. I love Santonio’s production but good Christ he is just such a pain in the ass.

I really don’t have much more to say about this awful team. I expect they’ll fire offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, deservedly so, and I guess you have to give Sanchez one more year before giving up and realizing he’s not the answer at QB (as my smart friend David pointed out, fix the O-line, hire a good coordinator, and then see if Sanchez gets better).
I’ve been spoiled by the boys the last two years, and now this 8-8 season feels so much worse because we really thought the Jets were on the verge of something great.

Maybe it’s because I’m in SoCal, but I seem to have gotten over this loss pretty fast. Maybe I should move out here; the Jets won’t bother me as much.

**A Happy New Year to all of you out there on the Internets. I started mine by doing something completely new: My best friend Clay’s wife Amanda is a certified yoga instructor, and she gave me my first-ever lesson last night. I’ve always been pretty dubious about yoga; I know it helps people, centers you, good for breathing and stretching, all that stuff. But it wasn’t for me, I always thought.
After one session, I’m not a total convert, but I did enjoy it. Stretching muscles in different ways than I normally do was fun and only a little painful. The breathing really did seem to relax me (I almost fell asleep during Savasana  at the end). And challenging yourself in ways you’re not used to is always a good way to start the year.

Don’t sign me up for a yoga class yet, but I definitely am starting to see the appeal.

**Finally, a couple words on Ben Affleck. We watched the movie “The Company Men” last night, and he was really good in it. I don’t think he gets enough credit for being a good actor. He’s always been a pretty boy type, but I think he’s really come a long way. Sure, he still makes stupid movies sometimes, but in serious films like “Gone Baby Gone,” “The Town,” and now this one, he really has grown a huge amount in terms of acting ability.
I think he’s way better as a thespian than Matt Damon, his old buddy.

Anyway, check out “The Company Men” if you haven’t seen it. Depressing for most of the film, it lifts you up at the end. Really good performances from Affleck, Chris Cooper and Tommy Lee Jones, too.