Daily Archives: January 6, 2012

HBO’s “24-7” goes out with a bang. Celebrating National Trivia Day because, well, why not? And the most awesome hoops scrub cheerleader.

Thursday night was the conclusion of HBO’s remarkably awesome series “Flyers/Rangers, 24-7,” celebrating the lead-up and then conclusion of the NHL Winter Classic (which I regrettably haven’t blogged about because I haven’t seen it yet; was away and it’s stored on my DVR).

The four-episode show finale was Thursday night, and as good as the first three installments were, this last one blew them all away. From the fantastic on-ice chatter (the Rangers’ Brad Richards yelling at a mouthy Flyers rookie “you’ve been in the NHL for one day. You’re like at fantasy camp!”) to the slow-motion close-ups that show just how hard-hitting hockey is, to the wonderful writing and voice-overs by Liev Schreiber, HBO has taken all the things we diehards love about the sport, and shown them to the outside world.

If you’re any kind of a fan of human drama, I urge you to check out a few minutes of an episode (they’re all on HBO on Demand).
Bravo, HBO. Truly fantastic work for a second year in a row, taking us inside the locker rooms and onto the ice.

**National Trivia Day was Wednesday and that’s one holiday I truly ought to celebrate. You know how many hours of my childhood and teenage years I spent playing “Trivial Pursuit?” A lot. My friends and I had our own spin on the game, as the losing team was on the receiving end of painful wedgies from the winning team, but it was still great fun.

I love bar trivia, inane sports trivia (“who’s the only major leaguer to hit into an all-Cuban triple play?” Whitey Herzog. Don’t ask me why the hell I know that or remember it.), any kind of trivia at all.

So in honor of National Trivia Day, the folks at the great website mentalfloss.com have given us 119 amazing trivia facts (No. 5, No. 13, and No. 19 are particular favorites.).

Enjoy as you while away a Friday…

**One of the 4,585 things I love about college basketball is during March Madness, watching the bench scrubs on a big underdog go nuts when their team is hanging with a Kentucky or a Kansas.
Well, here’s hoping that Seton Hall gets into the Tournament this year just so this guy can become a national phenomenon. Meet Peter Dill, who plays hardly at all but is a freaking fantastic sideline rooter. Watch this and be awed as I was…