Daily Archives: January 19, 2012

The guy who walked into court with a crack recipe on his jacket. The refrigerator that watches your diet. And for football weekend, my fave 5 minutes on YouTube

Once again, I bring you one of the stupidest criminals found in America. A Florida man decided it’d be a really good idea to walk into court, while facing drug charges, wearing a jacket that had a recipe for making crack cocaine on it.

Stunningly, this didn’t help the defendant with the judge.
Now this dude’s in trouble with the real police AND the Fashion Police.

**Now here’s something we all could use after putting on some pounds during the holidays. LG has announced the totally-awesome, yet a little bit creepy, Think Smart refrigerator.

This baby has a built-in dietician, an Internet screen to show you what’s inside it without having to open the door. You can also input your body mass index, what your target weight loss is, and the fridge will tell you whether you’ve made the healthiest choice available. Or if there’s a better one.

Of course, if all you’ve got is leftover pizza, a case of Bud Light and some strange cheese that’s been there for a few months, the smartest damn fridge in the world probably won’t help you too much.

**I think I put this up once before, but with many sports fans fired up about this Sunday’s NFL conference championship games, I got to thinking about “Friday Night Lights.” And of course, this fantastic five-minute video of what the show’s all about.
ESPN Classic is running the re-runs, and it’s available on Netflix. Truly no reason you shouldn’t be watching one of the all-time classics.