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If it’s election season, than the GOP “hearts” Israel. A fantastic new business idea from a college student. And A terrible move by Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Well, here they go again. Every time a presidential election comes around in America, we get to listen to members of the Republican party talk about how much they love Israel.
There’s Mitt Romney waxing poetic about his love for Jerusalem, saying time and again that “there shouldn’t be an inch of difference” between the U.S. and Israel. Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, the whole lot of them, going on and on about how much they love the Jewish nation.

And quite frankly, Democrats do it too. It’s always a contest in an election year to see who can smooch Israel more. And I think it’s ridiculous.

Should the U.S. be a strong ally of Israel? Of course. But this blind, slavish devotion that these politicians show Israel is really, really misguided. NO nation should be 100 percent blindly loyal to another. And I have to tell you, I didn’t think it was possible, but Benjamin Netanyahu seems to be getting more arrogant every day.
Bibi has no interest in peace; only in stoking the flames of a battle between two peoples that will go on for centuries.
I think it’s ridiculous that when Barack Obama tries to actually nudge Israel toward peace and a two-state solution with the Palestinians, like he did last year, he gets such intense blowback from American Jews, and the media.
Israel isn’t always right. It’s not a mortal American sin to point that out every once in a while. And the idea that we have to agree with and go along with everything Israel does is wildly anti-American.

So please, Mitt and Co., tone down the ridiculous rhetoric. Nobody thinks the U.S. will turn its back on Israel. But a little rationality and clear thinking would be nice.

**You have to love the ingenuity of college students. A University of Michigan student named Kellyann Wargo has come up with a new business that I guarantee will get popular on campus. It’s called the “Walk of Shame Shuttle,” and in it, Wargo offers any student who has just hooked up for a sexual encounter with a $5 ride anywhere in Ann Arbor, and a bottle of water, to boot.

You also get, according to the flier, a complimentary high-five! Who could pass that up?
Love, love, love this. God bless you, Kellyann. If you had been at my school, the University of Delaware in the mid-90s, you would’ve had your student loans paid off in no time.

**In a move that has led to justifiable outrage, the Susan G. Komen Foundation has decided to cut its sizable funding to Planned Parenthood. The Komen Foundation, a major breast cancer research outfit, is stopping its $700,000 donations as of now because, it appears, of pressure from anti-choice groups in the abortion debate.

Komen says no, that’s not it, it’s all because of a new law passed by Congress that prevents it from giving to groups being investigated by Congress. Of course, Planned Parenthood is the subject of a totally b.s. investigation by a Republican in the House.

I’m sick of making the argument for Planned Parenthood; about how less than 10 percent of its money goes toward abortions, about the MILLIONS of women it helps with health care each year, women who might die otherwise.

Just disgusting that Komen, a group that is the largest breast cancer organization in the world, would deny money to a group that gives women mammograms, which, you know, helps detect breast cancer.

Atrocious behavior from Komen.

Kermit and Miss Piggy fire back at Fox News. The Mittster wins Florida, easily. And Matthew Broderick makes a commercial as “Ferris Bueller.”

Fox News has taken on a lot of popular figures over the years, mostly in politics.
But they went totally over the line when they attacked my beloved Muppets.

Yes, showing that they have no depths to which they won’t sink, the network recently had on a guest named Dan Gainor of the ultra-conservative Media Research Center, and he proceeded to trash the latest Muppets movie, along with host Eric Bolling.
Bolling compared the movie’s storyline and message (about the Muppets trying to save their old studio from a greedy rich Texas oil baron) to a certain rather large Asian nation.

“We’re teaching our kids class warfare. Where are we, Communist China?” Bolling said.
Then his guest chimed in: “It’s amazing how far the left will go just to stop – to manipulate your kids,” Gainor said, “to convince them – to give them the anti-corporate message.”

Insane, right? Well, my man Kermit and Miss Piggy have fired back in the video below.

Rock on, my little green friend!

**Well, as expected my favorite Elastic Man politician, Willard “Mitt” Romney, won my old state of Florida easily in the GOP primary Tuesday night. I wasn’t surprised; he flooded the state with attack ads, and Fla. Republicans hate Obama intensely, and want to nominate someone who’ll beat him.

I still have hopes this race will go awhile; if Mr. thrice-married (Newt) can just hang in there and keep raising money from the Anybody but New club, and Ron Paul maybe does well in the caucuses, we can still have plenty of fun with this race over the next few months.

Line of the night via Twitter, from Wyatt Stewart: “Sources in Florida tell me Morty Seinfeld will win the Del Boca Vista condo board elections.”

**And finally, we may already know what the best Super Bowl commerical will be. Honda has gotten Matthew Broderick to reprise his Ferris Bueller role with this fabulous homage to the classic movie. I love it.

“When Cameron was in Egypt-land ….”