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An incredible Duke comeback win over UNC. Kansas anti-abortion legislation is outrageous. And the car that drives itself.

I have no idea if any of this is going to make sense.

It’s been 45 minutes since the most improbable Duke win over North Carolina in my lifetime, and my heart rate is only now starting to slow down.
Pick an adjective. Any adjective. Insane. Ridiculous. Unbelievable.
It all applies. With just over two minutes to go in the game, North Carolina, who had dominated all night and is definitely the better team this year, was up 82-72. I had a few hundred words about this painful Duke loss already written (which thankfully I’ve now deleted; lost to the dustbin of history), but suddenly Tyler Thornton of the Blue Devils hit a 3, and then Seth Curry hit a 3 (yeah, he traveled on the play, so what), and we had a ballgame again.

And then Austin Rivers, son of NBA coach Doc Rivers, comes down with two seconds left and unleashes a 22-footer from the right side of the court.

Swish. 3-pointer. Duke wins. 20,000 UNC fans at the Dean Dome eerily silent.

And yours truly leaped up from my perch two feet from the television, on the floor, clutching a pillow (that’s my default position for when one of my teams is in a tight game) and screamed “Holy (bleep)” about 15 times in a row. My die-hard hoops fan friend Tony called. We both screamed that two word epithet into the phone to each other a few times, too.

I probably woke up my landlord. But who cared? Duke had just beaten North Carolina. Austin Rivers entered the Duke pantheon.

Believe me, I know Duke still has a ton of problems. They couldn’t rebound at all tonight, their defense was poor, and they missed way too many free throws.
But Carolina couldn’t put ’em away, and missed just enough shots at the end to keep Duke alive.

What a win. What a rivalry, the best in all of the land.
God I love sports sometimes.
Off to sleep. Yeah, right.

Another week, another insanely offensive anti-abortion law going through the motions in a state.

The state of Kansas took up a bill Wednesday that would exempt doctors from malpractice suits if they withheld, from women, personal medical information to prevent an abortion.

In other words, a doctor would be completely free from a lawsuit if he decided to withhold certain pertinent information from his patient. From his patient!

According to the Huff Post story linked above, among the most contested provisions of the bill is the section that would exempt a doctor from a medical malpractice suit if a woman claims the physician withheld information about potential birth defects to prevent her from having an abortion.

How abhorrent and heartless would a doctor have to be to do that?

The measure would also, among other things, remove tax deductions for the purchase of abortion-related insurance coverage, and force women wanting an abortion to hear the fetal heartbeat.

And oh yeah, the law would require that women be told about potential breast cancer risks from abortions, even though there has been NO medical science backing up a link.

Truly repulsive and disgusting stuff. Kansas, of course, has been a battleground state in the pro-choice and anti-choice wars for years.
Just when I think the anti-choice zealots can’t go any further, they push their agenda a few more yards…

Vodpod videos no longer available.
** I love futuristic stuff like this. From wired.com comes a quick video and story about the car that will drive itself.

I don’t believe for a minute this will ever actually become a regular thing. But for  less-than-great drivers like myself, I think it would be awesome.

We are getting closer and closer to “The Jetsons,” aren’t we?