Jimmy Kimmel (correctly) rips Jay Leno a new one. “Parenthood” hooks me in again. And the real-life footage that inspired “Hoosiers.”

So Jay Leno has been past his prime for a long, long time. He was funny, once, but his shtick has grown colder than a nude sunbather in Antarctica (a lovely visual).

And though I was never a huge Conan O’Brien guy, what Leno did to his successor, re-claiming his show after less than a year and basically kicking Conan to the curb, is a permanent stain on “The Tonight Show” host and former Doritos pitchman (YouTube it kids, that’s what Jay used to be famous for).

So I have to say I laughed out loud when Jimmy Kimmel took Leno down the other night after Leno made a joke at Kimmel’s expense. Good to see the late night wars heating up again…

**I keep alternately loving and getting mad at “Parenthood,” which is still good enough to keep me watching, but frustrating me with several of its silly plotlines.
Tuesday night’s episode (SPOILER ALERT: IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT YET, SKIP DOWN TO THE PHOTO OF GENE HACKMAN!) was an excellent one, but with one major problem, which I’ll get to.
First, this was the first Max storyline I liked in a while. A beautiful, touching moment at the end when his new friend’s parents, whose son is in a wheelchair , beamed at seeing their boy finally have a friend. Adam and Kristina beamed back at them. Just a really, really sweet moment.
Also loved the stuff between Drew and Mr. Cyr; Drew’s actually a really good actor but the show forgets about him all the time. (Also I love how NO ONE brings up that Sarah and Mr. Cyr are trying to have a baby without, you know, getting engaged or moving in together or anything like that. But hey, they live in Berkeley, so it’s all good.)

Even the Crosby stuff, I liked this week; he’s my least favorite Braverman (though Julia is threatening his place in my head; good Lord woman, back the you-know-what off of the wildly confused Zoey, will ya?) but he and Zeek had some nice moments.

But oy, the Amber/Bob Little stuff was awful. I know he’s 28 and she’s 19 and it’s not that icky, but it still was played very poorly. Why must people on Jason Katims shows always hook up with younger people? And I thought it was wildly unrealistic for Kristina to A, drive up to Sacramento to stop them from doing the wild thing, and B, for Amber to go home with her after that embarrassing display of bursting into the hotel room. (And what the hell is a San Francisco city council candidate doing in Sacra-freaking-mento anyway?)

Still, a very solid “Parenthood” episode. Bummed there are only two more new ones this season.

**Finally, this is all kinds of awesome if you love sports, basketball, or the movie “Hoosiers” (one of my all-time top 5 flicks). The Indiana High School Athletic Association has finally put online some footage of the 1954 Milan High vs. Muncie Central state championship game, the movie immortalized in the movie “Hoosiers.” It’s grainy, but pretty awesome considering the game was played almost 60 years ago.

Watch it here, and keep practicing running the picket fence until it works, baby…

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