A great “SNL” skit continues the Linsanity. Everything that’s wrong with college sports, in a few hundred words. And

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You’ve probably heard a little about the “furor” over the ESPN.com writer using a horribly old derogatory word for Asians to describe Knicks star Jeremy Lin last week.
This “Linsanity” shows no sign of letting up; I’m frankly stunned that Sports Illustrated put him on the cover for two straight weeks; what, there’s nothing else going on the sports world worth mentioning (hell, in the NBA alone I can think of some worthy subjects)?

Anyway, “Saturday Night Live” had a really funny opening sketch last week poking fun at the hysteria, and announcers’ carefulness about not offending Asians (or African-Americans). This skit is supposed to be on the set of a Knicks postgame analysis-type show. Really, really funny…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

**And now, everything that’s wrong with college sports, in just a few hundred words. SI.com’s Michael Rosenberg brings us the story of jerk Maryland football coach Randy Edsall, a kid who wants to transfer, and the complete idiocy of the NCAA.
I defy you to read this story and tell me how it makes sense that Maryland is basically holding a student hostage, not allowing him to transfer and continue his career.

UPDATE: Well what do you know, apparently the backlash against Maryland has had an effect. Wednesday afternoon coach Edsall announced he’d had a change of heart, and Danny O’Brien could transfer anywhere he liked. The power of the press is a beautiful thing.

**And finally, because why not, a clearly alpha-male monkey tries to attack a man through a zoo’s glass. Love the look on the guy’s face at :28…

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