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Second-graders give advice on running the country. Tornado tragedy strikes again. And a very cool hockey story from Canada

In the grown-up world, this is a big political week. The GOP presidential candidates are all competing in Super Tuesday primaries tomorrow, with Mitt Romney trying once again to convince people to like him, Rick Santorum garnering all the anti-contraception votes, and Newt Gingrich shouting to be taken seriously. Each of these men claim to have all the answers as to how to fix America.

I say “Poppycock.” Thanks to Charlotte Observer writer Tommy Tomlinson, I’ve found real leaders.
They’re in second grade.
Here are some of the “rules for running the country” Tomlinson heard when he asked the tykes what laws they’d make if they were starting a new country:

— When grownups go to the store, they have to bring back toys!
— You should be able to drive at age 7!
— Everybody can have a rocket that takes you anywhere you want in one second!
— “No punching,” says Lilly Funk.
“Make sure people eat healthy foods – not sugar,” says Maddie Miller.
And maybe the best rule of all…
— Figure out your wants and needs. “You don’t need wants but you need your needs. You have to know the difference.”

I’m ready to cast my vote for Miss Loretta Ricciuti’s class, aren’t you?

**Every year, it seems to get worse and worse. By now surely you’ve heard about the horrible and devastating tornadoes that swept through the Midwest and South on Friday. Thirty-eight people were killed across five states.
Just awful. Words can’t do the destruction justice; check out these photos and see the destruction just a few minutes can do.

**Spent a few hours Sunday watching my first-place New York Rangers play a thrilling game against the Boston Bruins, winning 4-3, but that wasn’t the coolest hockey story of the weekend.

No, it was this one. A  junior team called the Erie (Pa.) Otters suited up only one goalie after an injury to the backup in the previous game. So of course, two minutes into the game in St. Catherines, Ont., the Erie goalie got hurt, and suddenly there was no one to stand behind the pipes.
Except for forward Connor Crisp, who hadn’t played goalie since he was 5. The kid played the whole rest of the game, in goalie skates that were three sizes too small, and made 33 saves in a stunning shutout… OK, no way you’d believe that.
Connor gave up 13 goals, and his team lost 13-4.

But my favorite part of the story? The fans of the other team, the Niagara IceDogs, cheered each save Crisp made, gave him a standing ovation at the end of the game, and Crisp was named the first star.

That’s right, a goalie who gave up 13 scores was the first star. Because he tried, and because he did his best.

God I love hockey, and all the people in it.

For another great read, check out this SI story from last week on the worries of a Hockey Mom after a tragedy in Minnesota.