A 12-year-old’s thoughts on donuts. An awesome and different marriage proposal at a game. And Trenton’s toilet-paper problem

The city of Trenton recently had a serious problem. No, not crime, failing schools, or unemployment, though all three of those things are big issues, too. (For a great look at what’s happened to Trenton under bullying, clueless governor Chris Christie, check out this story from a recent This American Life episode.)

No, Trenton’s problem was much more serious: The city government had run out of toilet paper. Seriously, they couldn’t find a two-ply anywhere in the joint. They couldn’t spare a square.
It happened because of a long-running dispute between the city and its distributor over the price of paper goods and coffee cups and all that good stuff.
There are so many jokes to be made here, ladies and gentlemen. New Jersey, a swamp, a sewer, running out of toilet paper, the smell of New Jersey… too many jokes to make, I can’t decide which one to write!

Thankfully, the dispute has been settled. And the good city employees of Trenton will no longer have to fight for their right to potty.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

**The idea of a marriage proposal at a sporting event is pretty played out. But this was a different twist, and it made it so much more special.  Alicia wanted to propose to her girlfriend, Christina. So before a recent Ottawa Senators game, Alicia decided to surprise Christina, on the ice, with a proposal.

So sweet and adorable. And big props to the NHL, the most progressive league when it comes to gay rights and battling homophobia, for putting this video on its website Monday.

**Finally, this has absolutely nothing to do with anything, except I saw it on the Internet Monday and it made me laugh. A 12-year-old was all fired up about plain donuts, and their general uselessness and unattractiveness.

So he/she wrote a school essay about plain donuts. Brilliant!

One response to “A 12-year-old’s thoughts on donuts. An awesome and different marriage proposal at a game. And Trenton’s toilet-paper problem

  1. Forget about Tebow! That 12 year old can really write!!! He has written a fantastic story in 133 words—-clever, witty, and so imaginative. I certainly hope tat his teacher praised him to the hilt!!!

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