Tim Tebow and why I have never been more disgusted to be a Jets fan. And Facebook helps a man’s two current wives connect

It’s totally irrational. I’m 36 years old, I have a great life, a loving and beautiful girlfriend, a terrific family, and so many good things around me.

And yet I allow myself to get completely worked up and pissed off because my favorite professional football team continues to do the stupidest things possible.
Seriously, it’s like they TRY to anger every single fan they have.
Let me start to discuss  the Jets acquiring of Tim Tebow in a trade by saying this: In three decades of being a fan, I have never been more frustrated and angry at the Jets than I was today.
Wasn’t this mad during the Kotite years. Wasn’t this mad during the ’86 playoff game with Cleveland, or the many, many late-season swoons.

I’m going to try to keep this rant as concise as possible: This is a terrible, terrible, terrible move for the Jets. For so many reasons.

First of all, let’s start with this: TIM TEBOW IS NOT A GOOD NFL QUARTERBACK. Seems to me that if you’re going to acquire a player as controversial as Tebow, you might want him to be kind of good. Tebow has terrible accuracy, a not-very strong arm, and has trouble completing simple passes.
Next, how about this: You just gave Mark Sanchez, your franchise QB, a huge new contract extension, telling him how wonderful he is, how you’re committed to him, yada yada yada.
Now you bring in a guy who, to millions of football fans, is a cult hero, a messiah-like figure. And as soon as Sanchez throws a few interceptions next season, you’re going to hear the drumbeat from the stands of “Te-bow!,” Te-bow!”

It will go on all season, and it will be loud, and it will be an enormous distraction. It’s going to make Sanchez feel awful, but that’s not the worst part. The worst part is Tebow IS NOT AN UPGRADE. So even if they do pull Sanchez, things won’t get better.

Then there are these reasons to hate the deal: You gave away two draft picks for a guy who will only play 8-10 plays per game in the Wildcat, if things are going well; nobody runs the Wildcat effectively in the NFL anymore so even Tebow’s effectiveness there is in doubt; you’re adding a highly polarizing figure to a locker room that already has plenty, and just let me throw this out there, in total seriousness:

There’s a huge contingent of Jets fans who are Jewish. Do you think they’ll feel all warm and fuzzy about a high-profile Jets player who believes that all of us Members of the Tribe are going to hell? (A great tweet today from Parks and Recreation writer Michael Schnur: “Well, if there’s one place a crusading Christian and decidedly mediocre athlete should mesh perfectly with the local culture, it’s New York.”)

Ugh. I just hate this so much. This reeks of the Jets wanting to make headlines, steal some of the Giants’ thunder (here’s a way to steal their thunder: Win a Super Bowl!!!) and get people talking about them.
I don’t know who this franchise is anymore. They’re the pro sports equivalent of a dope fiend hanging out on the corner, doing anything to get their next high. When that one fades, got to get another one. Peyton Manning doesn’t want to play here? We’ll go get God’s quarterback!

It’s the middle of March. I really shouldn’t get this worked up over the Jets.
But I hate them right now, and everything they’ve become.

**OK, moving on to a less-inflammatory topic: Bigamy.
I laughed quite heartily about this story. It seems that a county corrections officer in Washington state has been charged with bigamy after Facebook helped uncover his secret double life.
What happened? According to this story, Alan O’Neill’s first wife recently found out about Wife No. 2 when Facebook detected their connection to O’Neill and suggested the friendship connection.
Well sure, they have a “friend” in common!  Wife No. 1 then called O’Neill’s mother (fabulous!), and a short time later the police got involved.

Alan, Alan, Alan. It’s the first rule of plural marriage: Stay the hell off Facebook.

5 responses to “Tim Tebow and why I have never been more disgusted to be a Jets fan. And Facebook helps a man’s two current wives connect

  1. Hmm,…Tebow’s average per rush last year, 5.4 yds (MJDrew 4.7, Ray Rice 4.7, L. McCoy, 4.8)….I guess you are right, running Tebow will never work…

  2. your a bigot! Born again Christians love Jewish people

  3. I see that you already are asking for this to happen,
    because jet fans are all losers who attract gloom and doom. aka joe beningo on 66am….
    Im sure you will be like them calling out for tebow right away, this is already going to happen .. why do you care who the quaterback is as long as you win, win , win… its a team effort . a team sport…
    I bet you never played in highschool!
    This is why fantasy football is no different than Dungons And Dragons..
    your a football nerd!

  4. Brian F. McLaughlin

    If Tim Tebow is “polarizing” it’s all been conjured up in the heads of the people who hate him, because he sure as hell hasn’t done anything to deserve the hatred. How could anybody HATE this guy — which in general constitutes at least one half of being “polarizing”? Really? And man, I may have missed it — but I doubt I did because of all the screaming it would have created — but when did Tebow even come close to insinuating the above comment about Jews?

    Lot of DEEP underlying reasons behind that hatred for Tebow (and it has zero to do with football), but no reason to go there.

    Now … an effective QB? You’re right about deficient (in some ways), at least the Tebow in his current state. But he is basically coming off his rookie year, so we’ll see if he ever gets any better. I’d still like to see him play on a team that actually has an offensive line and has offensive weapons that aren’t subpar or injured. And a full preseason camp wouldn’t hurt. I mean, Denver (with Tebow starting) won games with a third-stringer (Ball) at running back and their No. 1 and No. 2 WR options hurt. That offense was below average at best. Of course, the defense was sick awesome, as was the kicker — and Peyton may push that team far, we’ll see. But I’m sorry man, Tebow’s 7-4 record (after Orton’s 1-4 start with the same team), a playoff win, 12 TDs to 6 INTs ratio and 700-ish rushing yards with 6 rushing TDs — in 11 games with THAT horrid offense? Hardly earth shattering numbers but hardly the worst stat line ever. The only thing that really, really stunk about his game was the 45-percent completion percentage and I think the sacks he took. Should have been around 60ish percent to be considered “effective”. Anyway, you know I’m a Florida grad so I’d like to see him do well, but we’ll see how it all works out. My guess is he’s not in your neck of the woods all that long. I think he hinted that NYC is hardly where he wanted to go.

  5. So here’s my question: Between Duke’s loss to Lehigh and the Tebow acquisition, where does this week rank among the worst in Michael Lewis sports history?

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