Daily Archives: April 4, 2012

The death penalty may suffer another (needed) blow. Saluting the 40-0 Baylor women’s basketball team. And the former Steve Urkel cops an attitude.

**Five more days until me and Bruce Springsteen (and 18,000 other people) hang out at Madison Square Garden. Choosing an oldie but goodie clip today; the five minutes that introduced the future Monica Geller to the world…

We sometimes forget, because so many other issues penetrate our brains at one time in 2012, just how ridiculous it is that many states in America still execute people. And that many of those people (especially in Texas, it seems) are later found, through DNA evidence, to have been wrongly convicted.

So it’s nice to see every once in a while a state that comes to its senses. The Connecticut state senate is poised today to vote to repeal its death penalty law.

This paragraph in this story jumped out at me in a big way: “The U.S. was the only western democracy to carry out executions in 2011. With 43 executions, it is believed to have put more people to death than any other country except China, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.”

Because yeah, that’s a list we want to be on.

**I don’t write much about women’s basketball here on the blog (except for the awesome Elena Delle Donne and Delaware this year), but respect must be paid, big-time today, to the Baylor women’s team. The Bears finished an incredible 40-0 undefeated season Tuesday night, beating Notre Dame to win the national championship, 80-61.

They are led by superstar center Brittney Griner, who has been famous since she dunked in high school, and at 6-foot-8 is the most intimidating women’s player I’ve ever seen. Seriously, check her out on YouTube if you have a few minutes.

What an incredible year for Baylor in sports. Robert Griffin III wins the Heisman trophy, the men’s basketball team gets to the Elite Eight, and the women win the national title. As good a year as a school could have.

**Finally, I don’t keep up with “Dancing With The Stars” on a regular basis, but am intrigued this year because of the awesome cast (though I can’t believe Martina Navratilova has already been sent packing.) So I thought this was worth sharing: Apparently Jaleel White, who we all remember as Steve Urkel on “Family Matters” got all pissy with his beautiful dance partner Kym Johnson at rehearsal last week, screaming at her and calling her “an idiot” after he stepped on her foot during a dance. Two other contestants had to step in to restrain White. Not cool at all.

Then White broke down and cried after performing Monday night with Johnson. Very bizarre, Charlie Sheen-like behavior from White. Let’s hope he’s not walking around shouting “Winning!” on next week’s show.