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College baseball teams have fun at rain delays. A great story of 2 Titanic surviors who were tennis Hall of Famers. And powerful photos of the day MLK died

As I continue my Countdown to Bruce (attending my first live Bruce Springsteen concert this Monday at MSG), I show today’s clip. Here’s the Boss playing “Badlands” in Barcelona. Can’t wait to be a part of a crowd like this…

This is definitely a trend I hope continues. A few years ago a bunch of college baseball teams, bored out of their minds during rain delays, began entertaining the crowd and themselves by doing bizarre skits on the field. The latest entrant to this wonderful craze are the Southern Miss and Ole Miss teams. The other night they decided to play Human Bowling, a yoga workout to the old Rob Base song “It Takes Two,” and many more hilarious activities including a dance-off (starting at 3:45, and proving that certain people should never ever dance in public. Enjoy…

**A fantastic, pretty-much untold story by my friend Jon Wertheim in Sports Illustrated this week. He writes about two Hall of Fame tennis players named Dick Williams and Karl Behr, who both survived the sinking of Titanic 100 years ago this year.

Amazingly, after their ordeal they played each other three months later in a tennis match, and little was made of their story at the time (Hey, it was 1912. It’s not like Twitter was around). Both Behr and Williams were outstanding players who were famous before the Titanic sinking. Wertheim compared this saga  to imagining if Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal both survived 9/11, and then had their incredible rivalry. Can you imagine how enormous that would be?

Really fascinating details in here, especially the part about one of the men having survivors guilt that lands him in a mental hospital later in life. Hard to believe a story like this has slipped through the cracks over years, but it’s  a great read if you have a few minutes.

**Finally, April 4 is a pretty momentous date in American history, as on that date in 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. (As an aside, if you’re ever in Memphis, I highly recommend going to the motel and seeing the historical “museum” they’ve got there. Really moving stuff; I’m really glad I got to see it).

Some previously-unseen photographs taken by a LIFE magazine photographer named Henry Groskinsky have just been published, and several of them are eye-opening. My favorite among this group was the shot of MLK’s neatly-packed briefcase, everything in perfect order, sitting in his hotel room.

Check out all 14 photos of this epic tragedy here.