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Move over Wilt: Man scores 113 points in basketball game. A funny newscaster screw-up. And the Finger King of South Carolina

**Full Bruce Springsteen concert review coming Wednesday. Too exhausted to write a coherent post about the three hours of awesomeness I just witnessed. Totally lived up to expectations and more.

For more than 50 years, Wilt Chamberlain’s feat of scoring 100 points in a basketball game has been the standard for excellence in hoops.

But move over Wilt: You’ve been surpassed. A dude named Mohammed El Akkari, playing for a team called Moutahed of Tripoli in the Lebanese league, scored 113 points in a game on April 3.
What’s almost as amazing as Akkari’s stats (40-for-69 from the field shooting, and 32-of-59 3-pointers made) is this fact: He only made one free throw. So basically the 27-year-old scored more than 100 points without being fouled too much.
“He’s a phenomenal but very underrated shooter,” Moutahed coach Ahmad Fadel said of Akkari. “He puts in a lot of hard work in practice. I am not surprised.”

He’s the only one. I’d love to see Akkari against some better competition. In the meantime, someone ought to tell the opposing coach about this thing called “a double-team” and a “trap.” They’re legal.

**I’m a sucker for news program screw-ups like this one. I’m sure it can happen to anyone. I just love the look on the anchor’s face when they come back from the clip…

**Finally, I give you John Steel, who apparently is known as the king of finger art, and the king of South Carolina. This is incredibly creepy and incredibly cool. I wonder how long it took him to get good at his, and if he could’ve, you know, cured cancer with that time.