Daily Archives: April 16, 2012

A newspaper company fires a new employee for ridiculous reason. A beautiful sign of dog loyalty. And overtimes, glorious overtimes, in the NHL

A story like this just infuriates me. Meet Khristopher Brooks. He’s a journalist finishing NYU grad school soon and last week just landed a job with the Wilmington (Del.) News-Journal, a reputable Gannett daily serving the First State (full disclosure: I freelanced for the N-J while I was in college). Brooks was excited about getting the gig, so he wrote a mock “press release” announcing the hiring on his blog. Basically he wrote the release as if he were an athlete who had been signed by a pro team. In the release, he quoted the editor who hired him; the quotes were from Brooks’ hiring letter. So no big deal, right? Kid’s excited to land a job, and has a little fun on his blog.

Except then this happened: The News-Journal fired Brooks before he started, for “improper use of the newspaper’s logo on his site, and for using executive editor David Ledford’s hiring-letter quotes in his press release.”

Are you freaking kidding me, News-Journal? You’re going to fire a guy over that? How unbelievably petty and stupid. Here’s a kid excited to work for you, bragging about getting to work for you, and you fire him over something like this. Sigh. Makes me sad that in these days of layoffs and furloughs, an awful time for my former industry, that a paper would be so brain-dead as to do something like this. I hope Brooks gets another job soon. Where someone has a sense of humor. **Here’s a sweet little story for Monday. A black labrador retriever on Wednesday stayed in the middle of traffic to stay near another pooch that had just been hit by a car. The black lab was fortunately spotted by a motorist, who slowed down and alerted other drivers the lab was there, and the black lab escaped unharmed. True friendship and loyalty shown by the lab. **Finally, there’s been so much excitement and controversy in the first few days of the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs, I hardly know where to begin. How about with the fact that 6 of the first 13 games went to overtime? Or that Chicago, in two separate games, scored in the final 20 seconds of play and only won one of those games? Or how incredibly pissed I am at the NHL’s pathetic lack of consistency when it comes to suspensions?

OK, I’ll start there. Let’s see, Nashville’s Shea Weber last week rammed a Red Wings player’s head into the glass with his fist, and got a $2,500 fine. Then Saturday night, when my Rangers lost to Ottawa in overtime, New York’s Carl Hagelin (above) threw a serious elbow at the head of an Ottawa star named Daniel Alfredsson. It definitely deserved punishment, a dirty play by the normally-clean Hagelin. But given that Weber got bubkes as punishment, I figured Hagelin would get a game, tops. Instead, he was banned for THREE games. That’s half a series. It’s so hard to love hockey with all your heart like I do when  the league is so wildly inconsistent with what it rules.

— OK, glad I got that out of my system. If you haven’t been following the Pens-Flyers series, man oh man has that been nuts. Philly has scored 20 goals in three games, and leads the team everyone thought would win the Cup, 3-0. Sunday was a bloodbath of a game (highlights at the link), with fights and dirty play all around. The desperate Pittsburgh boys totally lost their cool (that’s Aaron Asham viciously cross-checking Philly’s Brayden Schenn, above), and the Flyers let them. Crazy that the Pens are about to be eliminated.

– Who had Vancouver and Pittsburgh both being down huge in the first round? Yet another reason I don’t gamble on sports.