Daily Archives: April 24, 2012

New Jersey police disgrace themselves. HBO’s “Veep” is pretty awesome. And how ’bout those Rangers!

This is so stupid on so many levels. It reeks of arrogance, incompetence, and just plain idiocy.

I speak today of the New Jersey state police troopers, specifically, the two of them who, according to the Star-Ledger newspaper,  in the early afternoon on March 30, “escorted a caravan of luxury sports cars at speeds in excess of 100 mph down the Garden State Parkway to Atlantic City last month. The occupants included former Giants running back and sports car enthusiast Brandon Jacobs, according to a source with knowledge of the trip.”

I mean seriously. How bleeping stupid can you be? You’re a state police officer leading celebrities on a high-speed joy ride? the story also says that witnesses “saw two State Police patrol cars with their emergency lights flashing driving in front of and behind the southbound caravan, which included dozens of Porsches, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and other vehicles, all with their license plates covered with tape.”

So dangerous and disgusting. I hope these guys are fired and their pensions taken away.

**I’d heard all kinds of great things about Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ new show that debuted on HBO Sunday, “Veep.” She plays a totally ineffective and foul-mouthed vice president, and the show revolves around the foibles of her and her staff, plus their desire to try to be relevant. Since, you know, being VP is a pretty awful job.

After watching the first episode, I have to wholeheartedly agree with all the critics. It’s hilarious, even if it is kinda the anti “West Wing.”

Also starring Anna Chlumsky (remember the little kid from “My Girl?”) and “Arrested Develoment”‘s Tony Hale, “Veep” is fabulous. All of the supporting characters get off a few good lines, and Louis-Dreyfus is perfect. As soon as the first episode ended, I wanted to see the next one.

And that’s all you can ask for in a show.

**Finally, so pumped today about my New York Rangers. Things looked pretty damn bleak Monday night, down 3-2 in the series to the 8th seeded Ottawa Senators, and the Rangers were down 1-0 almost halfway through the game. All my lucky charms weren’t working, so I was left where I normally am during tense sports moments of my life: rocking back and forth in front of my TV, clutching a pillow to my chest (hey, don’t judge: it calms me).

And then, finally, the Blueshirts came back. Three goals in 11 minutes, and after a frantic finish to the third period, the Rangers had won, 3-2, to force Game 7 in NY Thursday.
Some burning questions/thoughts in my head after the game:
— How in the hell did the refs, AND the video replay, call this a legal goal (it’s the last highlight under goals) for Ottawa in the last 30 seconds? Yes, Ottawa’s Chris Neil misses most of the puck with his kick, but he clearly gets some of it because the puck acclerates after he swings his skate! The refereeing in this game was terrible, both ways (yeah, the Rangers caught a break or two, I can admit that), but this blown replay is just amazing.

— Hell of a game, Brad Richards. You too, Ryan McDonagh. You were everywhere. And Chris Kreider, playing his 3rd NHL game? Yeah, not too bad, youngster. Kid’s going to be a star.
— My 7-year-old nephew is being raised a Flyers fan, which I wholeheartedly disapprove of. Apparently he asked my sister Monday afternoon: “Is Uncle Michael going to cry if the Rangers lose?” Nice.