Daily Archives: April 30, 2012

A wedding weekend in Baltimore: good times. A horrific tragedy at the Bronx Zoo. And the joy of carpool singing

Most people enjoy attending weddings. Others find it a chore.

Me? It’s probably my favorite thing to do.
I’ve never not had a great time at a wedding. Eating, dancing, seeing friends and loved ones? What could be bad about that?
I spent the weekend in suburban Baltimore at the wedding of my girlfriend’s first cousin, a heck of a guy despite being an Orioles fan (that’s not them in the above photo; just some random folks I found on the Internet).
As always after big events, I had a few thoughts on the fabulous shindig:
— Generally I come down very strongly on the side of “wedding band” in the perennial “band vs. DJ” debate, but the button-pusher at this event was pretty damn good. A terrific mix of mostly fast songs, with a few slow ones thrown in, plus the DJ mixed in current songs with some oldies that kept both the older guests and the young’uns (who I now consider anyone under 30) dancing. A solid job.
— Help me out on this, non-New York people: Is it only at New York weddings that people dance before dinner? Because at just about every NY wedding I’ve been to, the dancing starts immediately when the reception does, and then after 20 minutes or so people sit down for the salad course. But most weddings I’ve been to outside of NY everybody eats for an hour, and then the dancing starts.
Personally, I like to boogie down immediately.
— Very cool Jewish wedding ritual I hadn’t seen before: Instead of the traditional  groom breaking the glass at the end of the ceremony, Saturday the bride and groom both broke glasses. Very 21st century; I liked it a lot.
— Never saw this before: The beautiful bride started crying on the way down the aisle. Sweet to see how excited and moved she was before we even got started.
— Finally, a few words about the plight of a Baltimore Orioles fan. I was standing in the lobby Saturday when I saw a man with an O’s cap checking in at the front desk. He excitedly told the clerk that he had driven all the way up from Virginia for the game that night.
“They’re honoring Frank Robinson, so I figured it was definitely worth coming,” the O’s fan said.
And I thought: That’s what 15 years of awful baseball and terrible ownership does to your fan base: They only get excited when a blast from your great past is feted.
Even though I’m a Yankees fan, it’s truly sad to see what’s happened to the Orioles. They were such a proud franchise for so long; now they’re just a laughingstock. Baseball’s more fun when the Orioles are at least competitive.

**One of the scariest car-crash stories I’ve heard in a while happened Sunday: Seven people, including three children under 10, were killed when a van they were traveling in careened off the parkway and down into the area that surrounds the Bronx Zoo.
The SUV flipped over a four-foot fence, then plunged more than 50 feet to the ground.
No explanation or reason was found so far on the crash, but my heart goes out to those families involved. What an awful, sickening way to die.

**Finally today, here’s a little heartwarming video to lift your spirits a little bit. A father and his three kids, singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” on the way to school in the morning.
How much fun are these kids having? A lot more fun than they had later that day in class, I’m guessing.