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The NBA star who fought a fire extinguisher (and lost). A perfect cartoon about anti gay-marriage zealots. And building the perfect dorm room

With some stories, the jokes just write themselves.
Monday night, a genius New York Knicks star named A’Mare Stoudemire was frustrated after his team lost again to the Miami Heat. So on his way to the locker room, Mr. Stoudemire decided to take his frustration out.

By punching the glass case surrounding a fire extinguisher.
Not surprisingly, the glass case/fire extinguisher combo remained undefeated in fights, all-time. Stoudemire has lacerations in his hand, and will likely miss the rest of the playoff series. It’s a tough blow for the Knicks, but hey, it wasn’t like they were beating the Heat anyway.
Fortunately for the rest of us non-Knicks fans, Amare’s punch has led to some high comedy. I love the T-shirt above, produced by a company called Crosstown NY, and my e-migo Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal has a fabulously funny “oral history” of the fight between Amare and the extinguisher, as told by the people who were there (the Snack Machine, the Water Fountain, etc.)

(E-migo, by the way, is a term coined by the great Joe Posnanski to describe someone you’ve never met but are friends with through e-mail and other Internet forms.)

**Moving on, yet another state is going to the polls to determine what constitutes a marriage. It’s so ridiculous that we keep having this debate, but it is nice to see the anti-gay bigots who cling to religion are getting satirized more and more. And that the tide continues to turn toward tolerance and acceptance in this country.
In advance of North Carolina’s Amendment 1 ballot initiative, which says that marriage between a man and a woman is the “only domestic legal union” that would be valid or recognized in the state once it passes, the Charlotte Observer ran the above cartoon, by Kevin Siers. Brilliant.

Right now it looks like the vote could go either way on May 8.

**Finally today, more proof that college kids today are WAY smarter than we were. This kid at UC-Berkeley decided to trick out his freshman dorm room by creating BRAD (Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm), which is about the coolest thing I’ve seen. The video above starts slow, but give it a few minutes and watch what a smart kid with today’s technology can do to make his life easier.