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The GOP loves millionaires, punishes college kids. RIP, Maurice Sendak. And the most painful foul ball ever.

I don’t have the energy or time to rage about what I just saw in the news tonight about North Carolina passing an amendment to the state constitution banning civil unions or gay marriage; I will rage about that tomorrow.

For today, I want to talk about the Republicans in the Senate, who Tuesday blocked a bill that would prevent student loan interest rates from doubling this summer.
Well, surely there had to be a good reason; after all, Republicans send their kids to college, too, and doubling of student loan debt can’t be anything anyone is in favor of, right?
Oh, but the reason is so typical, so disgustingly, nauseatingly, mind-numbingly typical: The GOP blocked it because they didn’t want Senate Democrats to change a law that allows wealthy taxpayers to avoid paying Social Security and Medicare taxes.

Yep, millions of students will be buried in debt because God forbid any rich people pay their legally-required-of-everyone-else taxes.

“They want to raise taxes on people who are creating jobs when we are still recovering from the greatest recession since the Great Depression,” said Senator Lamar Alexander, Republican of Tennessee.

How much longer, do you think, can the GOP keep insisting that millionaires create jobs? Another 50 years, maybe 100? Does it matter that there is ZERO evidence that having lower taxes on rich people creates jobs? Of course not.
And do you think Lamar Alexander gives a rat’s patootie about poor kids who can’t afford college without student loans? Of course not.

Every time one of these stalemates happen, I see my fellow Democrats fold. Let’s see them break the longest wimp-out streak in history on this one.

**I think this video sort of speaks for itself. I’ve never seen a foul ball do so much damage in so little time. I’m thinking this couple will never forget this game… Ouch.

**You’re doing the one thing you want to do, and you do it well, and you know you do it well, and you’re happy.—Maurice Sendak

The great writer and artist Maurice Sendak died Tuesday, and with his passing came some childhood memories flooding back.
In his masterpiece, “Where the Wild Things Are,”  Sendak brought us an incredible panorama of animals, with words and images that delighted millions of kids (including me). It also scared the hell out of me, as it did millions as well, I’m sure. He had the courage to write children’s books where not every kid was neat and every storyline clean; there was messy stuff going on in Sendak’s books, and it’s important that kids see that, too.

I had the good fortune last year of visiting a museum in Philadelphia that houses many of Sendak’s original works; it was fascinating to see early sketches of “Where the Wild Things Are,” and other writings by him.

He was a true literary talent, and he will be missed.