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Obama finally comes into the light on gay marriage, while North Carolina continues to punish loving couples. And some incredible photos from Afghanistan.

Stomach churning, nerves frayed, dark blue cap tossed across the room a half-dozen times… Rangers playoff hockey, it’s FAN-tastic. Another blown chance to  win a series Wednesday. So frustrating. Game 7 Saturday night. It’s never easy in the playoffs…

He got there. And I’m damn proud to have voted for him, and worked tirelessly as a volunteer for him 3 1/2 years ago.
But man, did it take Barack Obama a long time to acknowledge that gay people ought to have the right to marry who they love.
But I’m not here to be a Negative Nate on a glorious day in this country’s history. Finally, for once, any gay or lesbian person in the United States can look to the President and say “See? He knows it’s fine for two loving people to be married.”
Maybe this was a political move by Obama, especially one day after the voters of North Carolina once again came down on the wrong side of history, resoundingly passing an amendment to the state constitution banning gay marriage.

(And as someone who lived in North Carolina for three years, let me say I’m embarrassed for the people of that state, but not surprised. This is a state that sent the most racist Senator of the 20th century, Jesse Helms, repeatedly back to Congress. It’s so distressing to see so many people so intolerant and bigoted toward others. It’s a beautiful state, but its got some ugly people in it. And I’m not talking about looks.)
Then again, how could it be political if N.C. is involved? Obama won the Tar Heel State thanks to heavy African-American turnout in ’08, but today’s decision will surely cost him N.C.
Anyway, maybe it was political. But I don’t care. Finally, the President has spoken up and said what should not even be up for debate: Everyone in this country has the same right to marry their loved one.

Good for Obama. Good for America. It’s about time the leader of the free world took this stance publicly.
As usual, Andrew Sullivan says it way better than I could here.

**Finally today, the folks at Boston.com’s awesome photo site “The Big Picture” have come up with another beautiful gallery. Check out these fabulous photos from Afghanistan; it’s such a beautiful country when seen through the lens…