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A 9-year-old quietly protests the sickening Westboro Baptist Church. The best athlete excuse,ever. And the worst kid’s birthday party idea I’ve heard

There are few groups in America more sickening to me these days than the Westboro Baptist Church, the religious fringe group that protests military funerals, graduations, and any other ceremony they can get their grubby hands and feet to.
They are despicable, they are insulting, and they deserve to be put in their place every once in a while.
Which is why I loved what a 9-year-old boy named Josef Miles did Saturday in Topeka, Kan. Seems the WBC folks were protesting a college graduation, with their typical “God Hates Fags” signs and whatnot.

Young Josef asked his Mom if he could make his own sign. It reads, simply “God hates No One.” He then stood on the side of the road next to the WBC bigots and held his sign for all to see.

“He’s growing up to be a fine young man,” his mother said.
Couldn’t agree more. Bravo, Josef.

**I love this story. Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher John Axford had saved 49 straight games until Friday night, when he blew a game. Normally after a streak like this ends, the media would descend on Axford’s locker and ask him questions.

But Axford, who seems to be a stand-up guy from what I’ve heard, didn’t stick around for the interrogation. He had a good excuse, though, and wrote it on this note:

As it turns out, Axford’s wife was in premature labor and didn’t have the baby. Still, hell of a way to get out of facing the media!

**Finally, an idea so bad it seems destined to be a success. There’s a guy in England named Dominic Deville who rents himself out to children’s birthday parties as an “evil birthday clown.” His website actually is www.evilbirthdayclown.com.

How evil is Domenic? Well, he leaves scary notes for your kids, warning them they’re being watched and soon will be attacked.
Deville harasses his targets with texts, phone calls and letters to let them know that their time is coming.
Of course, since the creepy stunt is “all in fun,” Deville promises to back off if he’s asked to by parents.
As his final act of the week, Evil Birthday Clown smashes a cake into the birthday kid’s face.

“If at any point the kids get scared or their parents are concerned we stop right there,” he said. “But most kids absolutely love being scared senseless.”

Sure they do! What kid doesn’t like spending the week of their birthday looking over both shoulders, and having terrifying nightmares about a deranged man in giant shoes, a painted face, and oversized pants coming to hack them to death with a chainsaw?

Can’t wait till this guy comes to America and tries to go to a birthday party in a rough neighborhood.