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A perfectly qualified Georgia judge rejected because he’s gay. The toddler with Nirvana as an alarm clock. And two stories from the sports gender wars

I had to laugh when I saw Newsweek’s cover headline this week, declaring Barack Obama “the first gay President.”
Because this country we live in is far, far away from ever electing a gay president. An African-American, sure, we did that. A woman? It’ll happen in the next 15-20 years.
But a homosexual President is still decades away. And a liberal like myself gets reminded of that every time a disgusting incident like what happened in Virginia Wednesday occurs.
A man named Tracey Thorne-Begland is a the deputy state’s attorney for the commonwealth of Virginia. He was nominated to be a judge in the state, and his nomination should’ve sailed through the legislature.
He is, by all accounts, supremely qualified for the position. A terrific prosecutor, he was also a former Navy pilot and well-liked by his peers.
But he happens to be gay, and well, that of course could NOT be ignored. No, it couldn’t, not by someone like Robert G. Marshall, a Republican legislator in the state, who stoked fears that the 45-year-old attorney would allow his sexual orientation to influence his judicial decisions.
Marshall, by the way, is running for the U.S. Senate in Virginia.
“He holds himself out as being married,” Marshall told the Washington Post. Noting that gay marriage is not legal in Virginia, he said that Thorne-Begland’s “life is a contradiction to the requirement of submission to the constitution.”

And so Marshall and some of his fellow GOP members put a stop to Thorne-Beglund’s nomination.
Disgusting doesn’t even begin to describe the actions of the bigoted Marshall. But there are millions like him in America, and many of those people walk the halls of our government.

As long as they are around, “America’s First Gay President” is just a silly headline designed to sell magazines.

**And now, the sleeping toddler in the backseat who happily awoke to the blaring sound of Nirvana. This cracked me up all four times I watched it.

**Finally today, a couple of stories on opposite ends of the sports gender wars spectrum. First, what I find to be a heartening development on Long Island, where a boy named Keeling Pilaro has been playing field hockey on Southampton High School’s girls field hockey team. The school doesn’t have a boys team, Keeling, an 8th grader, loves the sport, and so he played last fall and scored 12 goals.
But of course, parents complained, “he’s a boy,” yada yada yada, and Pilaro was banned.
However, in a rare display of sanity from a high school governing body, Pilaro’s ban was lifted Tuesday, and he will be allowed to play for one more season.
As long as Pilaro isn’t physically dominating his opponents, I see no reason he shouldn’t have the same opportunity to play field hockey as the girls do.

Then there’s the dark side of gender equity in sports, as beautifully described in this story by the great Charlie Pierce on Grantland.com. An Arizona Catholic private school baseball team, Our Lady of Sorrows in Phoenix, has forfeited the state championship game because it refuses to play Mesa Prep.
Why? Because Mesa Prep’s second baseman is a girl, Paige Sultzbach.
And Our Lady of Sorrows is saying it won’t allow its boys to compete against a girl because of “religious beliefs.”

What a crock of you know what. It’s discriminatory and sexist and I hate when people try to hide behind religion to hide views straight out of the 19th century.