A very cool ad tests the buttered bread/cat theory. The Rangers drive me crazy, again. And a “Wheel of Fortune” contestant makes me very sad

It’s a question as old as time itself: If a cat always lands on its feet, and a piece of buttered bread always lands butter-side down, what happens if you strap a piece of bread to the back of a cat?
I know, I know, you’ve spent hours pondering it. Well, a Brazilian ad agency has solved the problem with this creatively awesome ad for an energy drink.

**Rangers-Devils, Game 2. Once again, my beloved Blueshirts fail to take command of a series. Three times this playoff season they’ve been up 1-0, and now all three times they’ve blown Game 2 at home.

Lot of wacky stuff happened Wednesday, especially when there was a 10-minute delay in the second period when the penalty-box door broke and, hilariously, they tried to fix it by having a MSG crew guy kick the door really hard, three or four times (that never works at my apartment, not sure why it would work there).

In the end , my boys blew it again. They’re just trying to make me sweat. Or, they’re just not that much better than any of these teams, so every series, every game is going to be a struggle.
Some quickie thoughts from another very entertaining game:
— Henrik Lundqvist is the best goalie in the world, and it’s obvious even on a night he lets in a few. He made two or three ridiculous saves Wednesday night.
— Chris Kreider, wow. That kid is going to be a superstar for the Rangers with a capital S.
—  Because it’s a Rangers-Devils series, I feel obligated to link to this David Puddy clip from “Seinfeld” at least once. It has to be done.
— MSG crowd was dead most of the night. Why? Because real fans, who know when to cheer and when to boo, can’t afford the insanely-priced playoff tickets. It’s a damn shame that real sports fans can hardly afford to go see their teams play.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

**Finally, I love 1980s music as much as the next guy. OK, way, way more than the next guy. Which is why this woman playing “Wheel of Fortune” and guessing what she guessed makes me really, really sad.
Come on lady, really????


2 responses to “A very cool ad tests the buttered bread/cat theory. The Rangers drive me crazy, again. And a “Wheel of Fortune” contestant makes me very sad

  1. Some people just freeze when they get in front of the camera, It is certainly possible she didn’t who he was. As for the Ranger – Devils series as one with no rooting interest I would just like to see it go 7. As for the high prices, why would people pay that much if they were just casual fans. They did seem pretty loud in the 3rd period. I haven’t checked but because it is New York and the James Dolan I can guess that the prices are a lot higher than the other teams left in the playoffs. Although regular season prices are not much of a bargain either. I went to a Phoenix game when we were in Arizona in late March of 2008.. We bought 55 dollar tickets for 25 a piece from a guy who said he was season ticket holder. They were in the lower bowl in the corner row U. That same seat is 292 for this round. Who has that kind of money. We went to the Black Hawks-Flyers game in the finals and payed 125 a ticket in the 300 section. Well worth every penny since they won the game and went on to win the cup. It also helped that i had a connection to even purchase those seats. I would like to know who has all that money though.

  2. Will Springstead

    I believe she bet her sweet bippy.

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