Daily Archives: May 22, 2012

My final grad school class and “temporary” friends. Mark Zuckerberg’s wife has legally required “us” time.. And the Rangers stink yet again

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The end is near (and just because of the super-cool time-lapse eclipse video above).

No, not for the world. My one-year, super-speedy,  “graduate school on accelerated steroids” program is just about over.

After Monday night, I’ve now got one more class left this semester, and three more days of student teaching.
It’s been really interesting for many reasons, going back to school after a 15-year absence, but one thing hit me Monday night. My classmates and I took a final exam, and as I looked around the room during the test I saw people who I had never met a year ago at this time. But starting last July when we all started summer school, I saw these people every week for nine months, save for vacations.

We learned about each other’s lives, we struggled together, we laughed together, and we went through the joys and sorrows of any set of classmates. And then, as each person finished the final, I watched them walk out the door and thought, “I’ll probably never see them again.”

They’ll get a job in the teaching world, hopefully I’ll get one too. But outside of a few people I’ve become good friends with, these 35 folks who were such a regular part of my life will be gone forever.

It’s funny; you build attachments to people, but for the most part everyone we meet is temporary. They’re indispensable at the moment, but then a few months later you’re like “hey, whatever happened to that guy?”

I’m rambling. I just felt a little jolted upon realizing that this little group who was together for almost a year is pretty much broken apart now.

**It had to be a giant coincidence that Mark Zuckerberg got married a day after becoming a billionaire, right? Yeah, right. (I could just picture him telling his girlfriend years ago “honey, if I ever become a billionaire, then we’ll get hitched.”)
Yes, congratulations are in order to Zuck and Dr. Priscilla Chan. But that’s not why I’m writing about them today. No, I loved it when I found out that the new Mrs. Facebook has rules for her beau, such as “one date night a week, and 100 minutes of alone time each week, not in his apartment, and definitely not at Facebook.”

I love it. Now think she can get him to change a few more things, like all the damn ads on the site, and get him to switch back to the old look?

**Finally, the damn Rangers are back to making me tear my hair out again.
Monday night’s game sucked, in most ways a game could suck. Once again the Blueshirts came out at half-speed, and this time Henrik Lundqvist couldn’t bail them out again.
The Devils were faster, stronger and more determined, as they’ve been for most of the series. I really don’t know how the Rangers are 2-2 in this series, as they’ve been outplayed for most of the four games.
Pathetic play defensively by Michael Del Zotto in the first, no offense for most of the game, and just getting pushed around in front of the net by Jersey.

The Devils are better. But if the pattern holds, the Rangers will win Game 5, lose Game 6, and squeak out a Game 7 win at home.
I’ll sign for that tonight.