The Rangers leave me spent, emotionally. A 3-year-old in China rides a scooter through traffic. And Norma, the bike-riding dog

Whew. I’m exhausted.

I paced and ranted and screamed and cheered and finally fell back onto my couch, defeated and upset.

Last night’s Rangers-Devils game was like three games in one. Amazingly, in a game the Rangers had to have, on their home ice, they fell behind 3-0 before 14 minutes were played.
Stunning doesn’t begin to describe it. I was at a loss for words, especially when the best goalie in the world (Henrik Lundqvist) gave up a rebound goal and a soft wrist shot goal in the same period!

Then, the Rangers started taking over the game. They dominated the second half of the first period, the entire second period, and half the third. They tied the score at 3, the Garden was rocking, and I was suddenly believing they’d complete this improbable comeback.

It was the best game the Rangers played all series. This was the team I’d been waiting four games for.

Only, the comeback didn’t end happily. The Devils finally got the momentum back, scored the go-ahead goal, and soon it was over, a 5-3 Rangers loss.

So now they’ve got to do what they did against Ottawa: Win Game 6 on the road, and then come home and win Game 7.

There’s hope in history: This was the exact situation in 1994, when the Rangers and Devils played the best hockey playoff series I’ve ever seen. In ’94, Blueshirts lost Game 5 at home, then the “Messier guarantee” game happened in a Game 6 win, and then Stephane Matteau became a legend in double OT in Game 7.

Can it happen again? Sure. But man, it’s going to be awfully hard for the Rangers come back, emotionally, from this devastating loss.
Me? I’m just wiped out.

**OK, this is incredible. A 3-year-old in China wandered away from his grandfather’s house and started riding his motorized scooter through the streets. And somehow didn’t get run over.

Watch this with your jaw dropped, as I did. Unbelievable luck that the kid didn’t get killed.

**Finally, here’s Norma, the dog that’s been taught to ride a bike.  Don’t know what to say except that dog deserves a whole lot of milkbones when he gets home.

And a nice human leg to, you know, go to town on.

One response to “The Rangers leave me spent, emotionally. A 3-year-old in China rides a scooter through traffic. And Norma, the bike-riding dog

  1. almost as good as the dog on a rocking horse on a recent David Letterman stupid pet tricks.

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