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A newspaper near-death in New Orleans. A fantastic wedding proposal video. And the Little League ump who goes too far

Sorry there was no blog on Monday, loyal readers. I figured most of you had the day off so I took it, too. Actually, was too busy to blog after being knee-deep in wedding-venue selection hoopla (post on that to come soon). Suffice to say, if I never hear the words “bridal attendant will be an extra charge” in my life, I’m good.

The hits keep on coming for those of us who love and worship newspapers. Every week, every month, every year, as the slow decline of print comes faster and faster, there are new reasons to mourn.
The reasons for the death of newspapers have been enumerated thousands of times, and you would think after so many job losses, budget cuts, and outright folding of papers we’d get immune to it.
But nope, it still hurts quite a bit. The latest blow cuts pretty deeply. Owners of the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the only paper in the Big Easy and a Pulitzer-Prize winner in 2006 for its fantastic Katrina coverage, has announced it will only publish a paper three days a week starting this fall.
The rest of the operation will be online, though of course there will be a ton of job cuts as well.

“A great town deserves a great paper,” said David Carr of the New York Times. He’s right. But you can’t blame the locals; 75 percent of New Orleanians read the paper. It’s just there’s not enough of ’em anymore, not after Katrina devastated the town’s population.

Such a crying shame.

**Maybe it’s because I just proposed myself, but I find myself loving these unusual and unique wedding proposal ideas more and more these days. This one knocked my socks off (my friend Jen M. pointed it out to me on Facebook); it’s a guy named Isaac and his proposal to his girlfriend Amy involving a Bruno Mars song and 60 of the couple’s closest friends. And a moving car. Watch and enjoy and be amazed at how perfect the choreography is … (the good stuff starts at the :50 mark, everything before that is just lead-up).

**Finally, this Little League umpire may have the most excited “strike three” call in the whole world.
And frankly, I don’t think that’s a good thing. Someone needs to put less caffeine in this guy’s Gatorade between innings.