Daily Archives: June 5, 2012

A remote-control helicopter made out of a dead cat. A fantastic oral history of “The Wire.” And this week’s most disgusting fan in the world

Sometimes, these stories I bring you need no introduction.

Such as this one. A Dutch man named Bart Jensen was sad when his cat, Orville, died after getting hit by a car.
So Bart decided to make a remote-controlled helicopter out of Orville, calling it the “Orvillecopter.”

Oh, how I wish I was making this up. Click this link for the video, if you can take it.

**It’s no secret that I believe “The Wire” was the greatest show in the history of American television. I’m hardly alone in that belief, but I don’t think I will rest until everyone in this country has seen it.

For those of you like me who know how awesome it is, you’ll enjoy this: Maxim magazine ( a fine publication whose pages I once graced with a byline) has gotten all the key players together and presented an oral history of David Simon’s HBO masterpiece.

Lots of fascinating stuff I learned in here, such as that Carver initially auditioned to play Stringer Bell (that would’be been a totally different show), the famous McNulty/Bunk “Fuck” scene (where they investigate a crime scene while only speaking that word) was based on a real case, and that Snoop’s death is the one that hit people the hardest.

Great, great story.

**Finally, this week’s candidate for worst human being in the world comes from Wisconsin. Packers star Donald Driver, recent winner of “Dancing With The Stars,” tried to toss his cleats to a young fan wearing a team jersey after a recent charity softball game.

Except this woman standing next to the kid angrily ripped the cleat out of his hands!
Check out the disgusting video above. Happily, though, Driver was later able to track down the kid and will give him the cleats he deserves.