Daily Archives: June 6, 2012

The Wisconsin recall effort fails, sadly. The Miami Heat are imploding: America pleased. And a man who thinks he’s in “The Truman Show.”

My mother, always one for understatement, uttered the following words to me on the phone after Wisconsin’s recall of Republican governor Scott Walker failed:

“If not for you, and your sister, and Grandma (her mother), I swear I would pick up and move to Canada tomorrow. The future for your future kids is terrible.”

Ah, Mom. I can always count on her for some reasoned perspective. She was inconsolable after Scott Walker, one of the many schmucks in the GOP slashing and burning their way through state governorships right now, beat back a challenge from Democrats.
A few quick thoughts on this Wisconsin recall result: First, my mother’s overheated rhetoric (and God love her for it!) aside, this doesn’t mean a whole lot. Recalls are very, very hard to win, Wisconsin’s voters on both sides were very fired up, and this was basically a single-issue recall vote.

If you didn’t care much for labor unions, and you were an independent, you voted for Walker. (Loved this line I saw on Twitter from pundit Paul Begala, though:  “A union member voting for Scott Walker is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.”

Second, President Obama was bashed by some of my friends on the left for not going to help out. Sorry, but I don’t see it. This was a state race that was very narrowly focused, and all the Obama visits in the world weren’t going to change things.
And finally, we have to thank idiots like Walker for their fantastic ability to organize Democrats. The party in states like Wisconsin and Florida are so fired up and united to overthrow their feckless leaders that people who may have been turned off by politics are now energized.

By being so hateful and spiteful toward so many, the GOP has energized liberals like myself in droves.

So, you know, thanks.

**This is one of the stranger stories I’ve seen since, well since that guy yesterday with the dead cat turned into a remote controlled car. “The Truman Show” was one of the best movies of the 1990s, a brilliant precursor to the reality TV world we live in.

But apparently the Jim Carrey movie has spawned a real syndrome called “Truman Show” delusion, in which people are positively convinced they are being filmed, and watched by millions on TV, at all times.
A guy named Nicholas Marzano of Hillside, Illinois is suing HBO for, in his words, “filming and broadcasting a hidden camera reality show depicting the day-to-day activities of plaintiff” without his consent. His suit, filed in April, alleges that HBO has hidden cameras throughout his home, installed controlling devices in his car, enlisted the help of local police, and recruited actors to portray “attorneys, government and law enforcement officials, physicians, employers, prospective employers, family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers,” all so that their show about his life can continue.”

Wow. I mean, wow. I feel awful for these people in some way, and I don’t mean to make light of their concern, but can this be a real thing, a real disease?

**Finally, the Miami Heat, a team that’s way more interesting when it loses than it wins. Last year in the NBA Finals against Dallas, they collapsed under the weight of their “Dream Team” expectations, losing in six games.

This year, LeBron and Dwyane and friends may not even reach the finals. The Heat lost yet again to an ancient but effective Celtics team Tuesday night, for the third straight game.

Don’t know who to blame this loss on for the Heat: LeBron? Wade? Neither one stepped up in the clutch. Never rooted for a Boston Celtics team in my life, but there is something admirable about these old guys outfoxing the “Dream Team” of the Heat.

That said, I fully expect Miami to win this series in 7. Just to mess with the rest of America rooting against them.