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A beautiful WWII story and a most dedicated widow. The “no vagina” Monologues. And a math problem offends a Chicago Bear

Hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day on Sunday; if you were in NYC like me you had fantastic weather.
Wanted to start today with a story I somehow missed from two weeks ago, on one of my favorite weekly rituals, “CBS Sunday Morning.”
It’s a beautiful tale of a widow  named Peggy Harris, of Vernon, Tex., whose husband Billie disappeared during a WWII mission in July, 1944 and was never heard from again.
Peggy’s search for Billie, and the obstacles she encounters, are interesting enough. But the incredible love and memories she gets from strangers in a little French town, who remember her husband’s exploits so well, really moved me near-tears.
I guarantee you’ll feel uplifted if you watch this.

**Always nice when we find grown men who are paid to make laws get “outraged” over what they think is vulgarity, when it’s really just free speech.
You may have heard about this story late last week from the Michigan State Senate.
A state representative named Lisa Brown was reading a letter from a voter out loud in the chamber, a letter protesting the state’s anti-abortion bill.

The letter concluded, “Finally Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you are all so interested in my vagina, but no means no.”

This, for some reason that’s inexplicable to me, caused a fury. The Republican Speaker of the Michigan House, James Bolger, had his PR rep say Brown was to be silenced in the House, and not be allowed to speak on a school employee retirement bill the following day because she had “failed to maintain the decorum of the House of Representatives.”
Another lawmaker, Rep. Mike Callton, told a newspaper: “It was so offensive, I don’t even want to say it in front of women. I would not say that in mixed company.”

Earth to Michigan legislators: IT’S CALLED A VAGINA! That’s what the body part is called! Sorry if it offends your delicate ears, but sakes alive, what is so offensive about that word?!?.

It’s not like she shouted the c-word out loud into the microphone. Ridiculous.
And you knew this was coming, as a result of the stupid controversy: Brown will take part in a reading of the hit play “The Vagina Monologues” today in Detroit.

**Finally today, a teacher’s sense of humor gone wrong. A teacher in the Chicago area gave students a pretty funny match problem he thought would catch their attention (above). Unfortunately, the son of Bears defensive back Charles Tillman is in the class, and Charles saw his son’s math homework that day.

So he wrote back a little note to the teach, which if you can’t read it above is transcribed here.

Hey, the teacher’s trying whatever he can to get his students to learn!