Missing the excitement of the ’08 Prez race. Alec Baldwin, behaving badly again. And the worst idea for an ad, maybe ever

I’m trying. I’m trying real hard, Ringo.
I’m trying to get into this 2012 Presidential race. I am a political junkie of the highest order. I love browsing political websites, reading commentary from the left and the right, and arguing politics with friends and foe alike.

And I am paying attention. I shake my head at Mitt Romney’s lies. I tentatively applaud in my head as Barack Obama moves leftward, although he’s still nowhere near as liberal as I’d like.

But I’ve gotta admit it: I miss 2008.

I miss waking up every day for six months wondering whether Hillary or Barack was ahead. I miss the daily dose of Sarah Palin idiocy. I miss the mud-slinging back and forth in the Democratic primary, the thrill and excitement of primary nights, the hours and days I spent working the phones and pounding the pavement on behalf of Obama in Seminole County, Fla.

I miss ALL OF IT.

I feel like that guy in the relationship whose girlfriend left a long time ago, but he’s still sitting around missing her. I know now, and knew then, that ’08 was a once in a lifetime kind of election. Either the first African-American or the first woman was going to be a major party nominee, and then we had a guarantee of either a woman VP or an African-American POTUS.

But still, knowing that ’08 was a one-off, I just don’t feel the same energy or enthusiasm or excitement this time around. I’m sure come fall I’ll be totally jazzed, but right now, I’m just not feeling it.

**Alec, Alec, Alec. How much trouble you seem to have playing nice with others.
In case you missed it, Alec Baldwin, who’s rapidly becoming 1980s-era Sean Penn, had yet another public fight Tuesday. This time it wasn’t an airline flight attendant he was harassing, it was a photographer for the New York Daily News.

Seems Alec was angry that there were some photographers outside the New York City marriage license bureau Tuesday morning, and he threatened one of them before assaulting another.
Look, I’m no defender of paparazzi, but Baldwin seems to have been out of control here.
And just look at those photos. Does look like a man who did no harm?
He’s a lunatic who ought to get a grip. And comparing himself to Trayvon Martin (read the link) was outright disgusting.

**And finally, another horrendously bad idea that surely came out of a meeting between executives who think they’re brilliant.
Harvey Nichols is a British department store, and to promote their upcoming sale, they decided to run the following ad, above.
Yes, they are really saying “you will pee in your pants with excitement!”

Because, you know, there’s nothing like seeing a woman with pee stains on her pants to make me wanna go shopping at THAT store!


One response to “Missing the excitement of the ’08 Prez race. Alec Baldwin, behaving badly again. And the worst idea for an ad, maybe ever

  1. We miss you too, Michael!! And I’m also a little nostalgic for the good ole days of ’08. I haven’t plunged into the campaign yet, but I’m sure I will come September.

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