A sweet love story involving newspapers (sort of). The Canadian anthem, played on beer bottles. And a heroic man climbs Everest

And a happy Good News Friday to all, the final Friday of June. Two things I must comment on briefly before getting to the rest of today’s blog: 1, A big sigh of relief from me when I saw the Supreme Court, correctly, upheld the health care law. This will help millions of Americans who can’t afford health insurance get it, and I just can’t understand why anyone’s against that (Then again, our country is filled with people like this idiot.
And 2, what the hell happened to Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon? Losing to a guy ranked No. 100 in five sets? Crazy. OK, on with the show.

One of my favorite newspaper columnists in America is the L.A. Times’ Steve Lopez. He writes with heart, passion, and a whole lot of wisdom. I don’t remember to read him as often as I should, but was very happy to have clicked on him this week and found this sweet tale. An 81-year-old man named Joe Engber met Lopez in the lobby of the Times building the other day, and told a terrific story.

Engber was there because twice a year for 10 years he’s been coming to the Times to place a small ad in the paper in honor of his late wife, Eileen. Every year on her birthday and on the day she died.
“It isn’t much, just a few lines,” Engber said.
But it’s much, much more than that. So sweet.

**This just made me happy to watch. Two men playing the Canadian national anthem (definitely one of the best in he world) using nothing but Molson beer cans and bottles.
Someone put these guys on a stamp up there, please.

**Finally, an inspiring story that seems impossible. A 31-year-old Canadian man (yeah, apparently I’m all about the Great White North today) named Spencer West climbed 20,000 feet over seven days to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.
Impressive, sure. But West did it despite having on legs. Both were amputated at age five due to a genetic spinal disorder, so to climb the peak he used his arms to pull himself along.
He did this ridiculous feat to raise money for a clean water program for 20,000 Kenyans; he’s already raised $500,000.
I can’t even fathom how difficult that must’ve been. Read his inspiring story here.

Anything is possible. How can you read a story like that and not be hopeful? The human spirit really is something else.


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