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The John Roberts/Health Care decision details are very interesting. An awesome soccer goalie save. And a very painful way to make a living

As the fallout from last Thursday’s Supreme Court decision that upheld President Obama’s landmark health-care legislation continues, I continue to be fascinated at new details showing how Chief Justice John Roberts came to surprise everyone by voting with the Democratic justices to uphold the laws.

Roberts, according to this very interesting article, had originally decided to strike down the legislation, only to change his mind while drafting the decision. And also revealing is that Anthony Kennedy, who most people thought was the “swing vote” on this, was absolutely lobbying Roberts for the conservatives, imploring him to vote with them.

On the one hand, it is kind of distasteful to think of Supreme Court justices lobbying each other; shouldn’t they each be entitled to come up with their own opinions and leave it at that?
On the other, it’s pretty obvious how deeply this issue divided the court.

Personally, I don’t ascribe any high calling to Roberts here; I don’t think he was trying to assert his independence from the lunatic fringe, or be on the right side of history (seriously, 50 years from now people will be saying “Really? Y’all used to argue whether it was a good idea to give everyone health insurance?)
And the effects of Citizen United, allowing billions of new money into our elections, will be stuck to Roberts forever.

But here, I just think he truly believed Congress had the right to do what it did. And with that one change of mind, the Chief Justice allowed millions of Americans to get health care they otherwise wouldn’t.

Pretty damn impressive part of his legacy, I say.

I don’t pay much attention to soccer unless something amazing like this happens. Watch U.S. women’s goalie Hope Solo make this spectacular save in a game against Canada last weekend.
How she didn’t injure something is a mystery; my groin hurt just watching this save.

**There are lots of dangerous jobs in sports: Hockey goalie. Football line judge (that’s the guy standing in the middle of the field who often gets run over). Standing between Marc Cuban and a microphone.
But I vote for center back linesjudge in men’s tennis as the most dangerous. That official is the one staring down the barrel of a 130-miles per hour serve, standing exactly still, and trying to judge in an instant whether it’s in or out.
Plus, you know, there’s a ball zooming at your face at 130 miles per hour. The reality of how scary that is was brought home at Wimbledon Monday, when this happened (above) to a poor woman just trying to do her job (the replay starts at around :36).

Ouch, babe.