An awesome live night of fireworks. Two stunning sports transactions, involving Nash and Parise. And a lifeguard fired for

As I have written previously, my father is an absolute lunatic when it comes to loving fireworks. No one I know loves anything more than he loves fireworks.
For the last couple of years, he’s been telling me he and my stepmom have found “the perfect spot” to watch the Macy’s July 4th extravaganza.
It’s at the Chart House restaurant in Weehawken, N.J., a burg just a stone’s throw from New York City. The restaurant is situated on the Hudson River, and after dinner there’s a deck set up with hundreds of chairs, where diners (or those who paid $40 and didn’t eat at the restaurant) can sit and watch the fireworks.

I have to say, my father did not over-sell the experience. It was fantastic. Literally we couldn’t be any closer to the firework barges unless we were in the river.
The show was fantastic, as good as any Macy’s 4th show I’ve seen (and I’ve seen at least 20 of ’em).
Great food, great company, and terrific fireworks. A wonderful 4th and I feel blessed.

**Boy, I go out of the loop, Internet-wise, for 12 hours on July 4th and two huge sports stories break involving major free agents. While I’m still feeling giddy over the Brooklyn Nets (still feels weird to type that) re-signing Deron Williams Tuesday and giving their new home city a very competitive team next year (I’m thinking 45-50 wins), two major moves in the NBA and NHL were pretty unexpected Wednesday.

First in hockey, the two best free agents out there, Zach Parise and Ryan Suter, stunned everyone by going as a package deal to Minnesota. The Wild, despite playing in a hotbed of the sport, have been pretty vanilla since returning to the NHL 12 years ago,  but now they ought to be very exciting to watch. As a Rangers fan, I’m thrilled ex-Devil Parise is out of the division, and I’m also glad that the diehards in the Twin Cities will finally have a team that should make the playoffs regularly.

On the NBA front, while everyone in New York expected Steve Nash to be coming to Broadway, he stunned everyone by going to the Lakers.  I’ll say this: If L.A. gets Dwight Howard, that’s going to be one hell of a “Big 3;” Kobe, Nash and Howard.
Even if the Big Undecided (that’s what I’m calling Howard) doesn’t come to L.A., the Lakers still have a hell of a team for next season.

**Finally, a completely ridiculous story from Florida.  A lifeguard named Tomas Lopez saw a man struggling in the water Monday and ran out to make a rescue, possibly saving the man’s life in the process.
A few hours later, Lopez was fired. Why? Because he rescued the guy out of the zone the private company he works for is contractually signed to patrol.
Now, Lopez’s area he was watching was patrolled in his absence by other lifeguards. He did save a man from drowning. And yet … this kid making $8.25 an hour was sacked for doing what any lifeguard would’ve done.

Jeff Ellis and Associates, the company Lopez worked for, ought to be damn ashamed of themselves.


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