The incredible Roger Federer wins another Wimbledon. “Brave” a Pixar mess. And San Diego’s fireworks, all at once

It is a pleasure beyond words watching Roger Federer at his best.

If you’re a tennis fan, can there be anything better than what we saw for three and a half hours Sunday morning, on the most beautiful court in the sport?
Roger Federer playing his sport better than anyone else ever has, at the top of his game, winning Wimbledon for the seventh time after so many wrote off his chances of ever winning again.

It was the kind of tennis we hadn’t seen from Federer, in a final, in 2 1/2 years. And for once, he didn’t have the crowd on his side. A very tough and (suddenly) fearless Andy Murray was the UK’s favorite son Sunday, as he tried to end a 76-year drought of Brits not winning Wimbledon.
Murray played his guts out, and matched the Greatest of All Time shot for shot for the first two sets.
Then, as he’s done so many times, Federer went to 11. He played a magnificent game at 3-2 in the third, a 20-minute game that went on forever.
Murray fought his best, and played as well as he ever has. If he plays like he did Sunday, he’ll win Slams, something I never thought he’d do.

But at the end, it was about Federer’s greatness, and huge fans of him like me were just so thrilled he gets (at least) one more brilliant moment in the sun.

And by the way, how cute were Federer’s twin 2-year-old daughters?

**Like most Americans, I’m a big fan of Pixar’s movies. From “Finding Nemo” to “Up” to “Despicable Me,” they’ve turned out plenty of gems.

But I saw the company’s newest flick, “Brave,” Saturday night, and man, What. A. Mess.  Just so all over the place and weird, I don’t even know where to start.
OK, so the basic story is this: Set in ancient Scotland, the movie’s about a little red-haired teenager named Merida who doesn’t like that her mom the Queen is arranging her marriage to one of three village royals, and makes a wish that her Mom “be changed, so her fate will be changed, too.

Well, that sets off a bizarre series of events that make little sense, often confuses the viewer, and the whole thing is resolved very weirdly. I like the Scottish accents, and there were a few funny lines (mostly from Billy Connolly), but this was not a good movie.

Hopefully it’s just a rare Pixar miss.

**Finally, you may have heard about a little screw-up with the City of San Diego’s fireworks display on July 4th last week. Seems that by accident, the entire 20-minute show arsenal of fireworks was set off at once, resulting in an incredible display of pyrotechnics that lasted 19 seconds … and then nothing else.
Because I aim to please, the video of the “show” is above.

Personally I think it’s hilarious. Can you imagine the folks watching those first few seconds thinking “Holy cow, these are amazing, and it’s just the first minute of the show!”


One response to “The incredible Roger Federer wins another Wimbledon. “Brave” a Pixar mess. And San Diego’s fireworks, all at once

  1. Bob Goldenberg

    I like having all the important “stuff” of the week presented to me in one place. Thank you, Michael. Bob

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