Daily Archives: July 16, 2012

The physical poetry of great movers. Joe Paterno, no longer even a little defensible. And the woman who will cuddle with you for a fee

One of the things that always has impressed me is excellence, no matter what kind.
I’m fascinated by people who simply do their jobs in an outstanding fashion, whether it’s street sweepers, clothing designers, or the dude who paints houses.
You don’t get to see excellence every day up close, so it’s important that you appreciate it while it’s happening. Least I think so.

In the midst of moving from one apartment in New York City to another last Thursday, I got to see some serious excellence: The moving company my fiance and I hired were beyond spectacular.
The three guys from Prestige Moving arrived early, mapped out a clear plan, and worked in perfect precision.

They had 3 stops to make: My place, my fiance’s place, and the storage unit we rented (Hey, you do the math: We were taking my 1-bedroom apartment and her 1-bedroom apt. and trying to cram all of our stuff into 1 one-bedroom apt. Wasn’t gonna happen. On the down side, we packed that 5×10 storage room to the absolute gills. On the plus side, now maybe we’ll be on Storage Wars one day!).
They also had to fight the midday NYC traffic. And yet … the whole move clocked in at four hours. I was amazed and astonished and whatever other word you want to use.  One guy always stayed in the truck unloading, while the other two moved back and forth.

It doesn’t sound all that impressive, but if you’ve had awful experiences with movers (like I’m sure you all have), it was a thing of beauty.

Moving is always stressful. These guys made it so much less so.

**Every day last week it seemed like more and more horrible revelations came out about former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno. And each day it seemingly got worse.

There was the news of emails between he and other Penn State administrators, pointing a finger at Paterno as the man who protected sex criminal Jerry Sandusky after investigations in 1998 AND 2001. (The bile rises in my mouth thinking about Paterno knowing in 1998 what his assistant had done, and continuing protecting him in a similar situation three years later).
Then there was the story about Paterno, knowing that a grand jury was investigating Sandusky in 2011, getting his contract changed in a more favorable matter.
Then there was the Freeh report on Friday, detailing even more examples of cover-up and obfuscation and plain negligence on behalf of Paterno.

I think finally, what last week’s avalanche of bad news for Paterno and his reputation did, was strip away any last vestiges of defense for the supporters of the deceased coach.
It’s pretty crystal clear that here was a man who raised millions of dollars for his university, and made a school in the hills of Pennsylvania internationally known. But this was also a man who aided and abetted a repeated child molester, and Paterno’s facade of integrity has been shattered.

He cared more about his reputation and his program’s reputation than about protecting innocent children from a disgusting sexual predator. TWICE Paterno had the opportunity to prevent further harm, and twice he did nothing.

An absolute freaking disgrace.

*Finally today, a job I’d like to have. A woman in Penfield, N.Y. named Jackie Samuel has started a new business called “The Snuggery,” in which, for $60, she will come over to your house and snuggle with you.

No sex allowed, just some nice, relaxing holding and cuddling. Samuel said she’s got a few clients so far, and that cuddling has been proved to relax people and lower blood pressure (it always has been enjoyable for me, though I’ve never paid for it).
While I think Samuel’s idea is a little strange (after all, this guy gives out hugs for free) I think anything that makes a person feel a little more loved is a good idea.