A very cool computer demonstration that blew my mind. The great Bob Ryan calls it a career. And Obama with a devastating attack ad

So this was extremely cool, a video from March that was just sent to me by my future mother-in-law. It’s two guys in Stockholm named Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales, doing some amazing iPad tricks. I have no idea how they did most of this; my jaw was dropped for pretty much all three minutes …

**A few words today on the retirement of a legend in my former profession of sportswriting. Bob Ryan has been working at the Boston Globe since 1969, and doing so splendidly and with grace, wit and humor. He may be the best basketball beat writer who ever lived, covering the Celtics in their glory days of the 1970s and ’80s, and then becoming a top columnist. He writes with an edge, he’s feisty, and he always knows what he’s talking about, even if you disagree with his point of view.

He also has a reputation as a genuinely good guy, something I got to experience firsthand a decade ago when I met him while we were both covering the Baseball Hall of Fame inductions at Cooperstown.

By pure luck, I was fortunate enough to spend two days sitting right across from Ryan in the media workroom, and despite my initial shyness (non-media people never understood this, but I was always more star-struck meeting writing heroes than athletic heroes) he was friendly, kind and a heck of a writing companion.

Ryan is retiring after the London Olympics, but Monday night was his last Red Sox game he’ll cover. The other scribes in the press box gave him a standing ovation Monday; one he richly deserved.

**Finally today, I’d heard a little about Barack Obama’s new ads blasting Mitt Romney, rightfully so, for lying about sending jobs overseas when he was at Bain  Capital. But until Monday I hadn’t seen this one above, which is one of the most devastating ads I’ve ever seen. I’m glad Obama isn’t waiting until the fall to hit back at the lies of Mitt Romney.

Hell, there are SO many, he could’ve started a year ago.


2 responses to “A very cool computer demonstration that blew my mind. The great Bob Ryan calls it a career. And Obama with a devastating attack ad

  1. personally, i have never liked the ads for the presidential campaigns, for any of the candidates. the attack ads hide more than they reveal, and every candidate spends most of their time bashing their perspective opponents. as far as the 2012 election goes this November, i don’t know anyone who likes either candidate..it seems many people are disappointed with Obama, which i can understand but argue with, and just as many people don’t like Romney. i find it hard to believe that in a year, maybe two, the public will be happy with either candidate that gets elected.

  2. I basically know Ryan from PTI and when he is on Kornheiser’s radio show. I would assume he will still be on there. And I think the last time he was on he said he would still be writing once in a while much like Dave Anderson does for the New York Times.

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