A man dances with people around the world. A man apprehends a bike thief and changes his life. And a must-see HBO story.

To start Good News Friday, I want to introduce you to Matt Harding with a video sent to me by friend and loyal blog reader Amanda.
Since 2006, he has been traveling the world and dancing with people. When I say the world, I mean, literally the world. He’s been to just about every continent except Antarctica, and his videos are an expression of joy that is so pure and beautiful, you can’t help but smile.
Above is his masterpiece, his 2012 video, and here’s a link to great interview with Harding where he talks about his methods, how he pays for all this travel, and what his inspiration was.

**And now a heartwarming story from Los Angeles. A man named Chris Bolivar was riding a city bus when he noticed a thief stealing a bike off the outside rack on the bus. He jumped out and eventually forced the thief to abandon the bike, and well, that could’ve been the end of the story.
But what happened next is the tale of an unlikely friendship, a rediscovered passion, and a life path changed a bit.
A really well-written story by Nita Lelyveld here.

**Finally, “Real Sports” on HBO always delivers outstanding storytelling that pulls at your heartstrings every month. But they outdid themselves this week, with the story of a girl named Jennifer Bricker, born with no legs, and her hero, former Olympic gold medal gymnast Dominique Moceanu. The two discovered an improbable connection that you have to see to believe.
If you get HBO or know someone who does, this is an amazing story. Watch the teaser for the piece above.

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