One of the funniest typos I’ve ever seen. An NFL player’s awesome vote of confidence. And which is better roadkill, turtles or snakes?

As I’ve said here a bunch of times, I love typos. They crack me up constantly, partly because I’m an old newspaper editor who’s allowed some cringe-worthy mistakes into the paper from time to time (hey, we all have war stories), and also because they’re damn funny.
Well, this one from is one of my all-time favorites. In an ad for the Sonic Care teeth-cleaning system, the copy was supposed to read “Sonic Care Healthywhite Power Toothbrush.”
Instead, the ad read “Sonic Care Healthy White Power Toothbrush.”

I love it. It cleans your gums, and re-affirms your desire to wipe out all non-Caucasians at the same time!

**Next up today we have my new favorite Carolina Panther, Ryan Kalil, and a wonderful gesture he just made. Now, I don’t know Ryan Kalil from Ryan Seacrest; he’s on offensive lineman for a Carolina team that might be decent this year.

But Ryan doesn’t want to let the Panthers’ play do the talking yet; he took out a full-page ad in the Charlotte Observer the other day, and it’s a beautiful thing.
If I were a Panthers fan, I’d totally go out and buy tickets after reading this (below).

**Finally, I have no idea why this man, Mark Rober, decided to do this experiment. But I was fascinated by it. He decided to put rubber snakes, and rubber turtles, on the road to see which ones drivers would swerve to avoid more.
94 percent of people, he found, just kept driving over ’em. I love America.


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