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Drunk people falling down, set to music. The Amazing Phelps, and other Olympics thoughts. And the science and taste of seedless watermelons

Everything is better and more epic-seeming when it’s set to music. And so I give you a video with no socially redeeming value except that it made me laugh.
Four minutes of drunk people falling down, set to a classic ’80s song, “Take My Breath Away.”

**Another fantastic day at the London Olympics Tuesday, which in the pool, at least, continue to have eerie parallels to the Beijing Games four years ago.

In 2008, the amazing Michael Phelps trailed the whole race in the 200 butterfly, then somehow managed to out-touch Milo Cavic at the end.
Tuesday, it was the exact opposite. Phelps lead the 200 fly the whole way, only to mis-time his finish, and lose to South Africa’s Chad Le Clos by a fingernail.

Later, though, Phelps helped the U.S. win the 4×200 relay and gained his 19th career Olympic medal, most of all time.

That number blows my mind. Do you have any idea how many years, how many thousands and thousands of hours of training, how much sacrifice, goes into just getting to the Olympics, and getting one medal? Caitlin Leverenz, another U.S. swimmer, won a bronze Tuesday night and she wept with joy. It’s SO hard just to get there, and a medal makes it all worth it.
Phelps now has nineteen of ’em. Mind-blowing.
— Great stuff from the American female gymnasts, too, winning the team gold. Every time I watch the Olympics I gasp when they do those crazy leaps off the balance beam. They’re so tiny and yet so incredibly agile; Gabby Douglas looks like a strong breeze would blow her away.

— My vote for the most unfortunately-named Olympian?  Japanese women’s volleyball player Yoshie Takeshita.

— This may not appeal to all of you, but it was the funniest thing I’ve seen a long time. Canadian sportswriter Bruce Arthur was at an incredibly long tennis match Tuesday, won by Jo-Willie Tsonga, 25-23 in the third set over Milos Raonic, a Canadain. Arthur’s tweets from the match were brilliant in their sarcasm and despair; check them out here.

**Finally today, because it’s summer, and this is when we think of watermelons, I present two guys with a lot of time on their hands (and a lot of rubber bands)