The incredible story of Kayla Harrison, gold medalist and abuse survivor. Curbside weddings in Vegas. And the 90 (yes, 90) year-old pole vaulter

A dose of Good News Friday while I contemplate how I wish I could have a super-cool nickname like “The Flying Squirrel” Gabby Douglas (and how amazing was this photo of her…

The most inspiring story of the Olympics so far hasn’t been the amazing Michael Phelps, who beat Ryan Lochte again in the 200 IM Thursday. It’s not the great performances by the U.S. gymnastics team, which have been fabulous.
For me, the most inspiring story is a young lady named Kayla Harrison, who Thursday won a gold medal in women’s judo.

If you don’t know the 22-year-old Harrison’s story yet, here’s a synopsis. As a young girl training in the sport, she came under the guidance of a man named Danny Doyle. He was a very bad man, sexually abusing her for six years, while Harrison stayed quiet about what this man who had such power over her was doing.

“He was my sun,” Harrison has said. “Whatever he wanted, I would do. I thought it was love.”
Finally five years ago Harrison came forward with what Doyle had done to her, and he is now spending 10 years in prison (it oughta be 100 years).
She moved to another state, picked up the pieces of her life, and started training again.

The courage it must’ve taken for her to trust another coach, another adult male. But she did, and she persevered and worked her way to the top of her sport.

“I want other young people to know that you’re only a victim if you allow yourself to be,” she said Thursday. “You can be anything you want to be. Nothing can stop you.”

Kayla Harrison is a true Olympic hero.

**Moving on to other good news, it now has become even easier to get married in Las Vegas.
I know, I know, it was always so tough to begin with.
But now, if you don’t want to wait for a chapel, the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon will give you a 10-minute curbside wedding ceremony for only $99.

See? This is good news for all the people who really want a quickie Vegas wedding.

The van, which comes equipped with a minister, an altar and floral decorations, launched just last week and already has had four pairs of customers, ABC News reported.

**Finally, if you ever feel good about what kind of physical shape you’re in at your age (and I’m excited I ran for 35 minutes on Thursday), just look at Dr. William Bell, and realize we’ll never catch up to him.
Dude is 90, and you’re about to watch him pole vault. 90!


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