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Passing another “grown-up” milestone that snuck up on me. An Olympic event you didn’t see. And fighting your Mom over chicken salad

Sometimes by the time you’re my age (in four days I’ll turn 37) you think you’ve passed most of the yardsticks you measure being a man by.
Learning to drive, going off to college, getting your first apartment, your first job, etc.
But every once in a while, a new “first” sneaks up on you that makes you feel pretty good.
Take Sunday. For the first time in my life, my whole immediate family came over to an apartment I lived in, and I “hosted” them for an evening of entertainment.
The reasons it’s taken this long for me to have the whole family over are mostly geographical: When I lived in Florida and in upstate New York, I was far from home.
My ex-wife and I had an apartment and at one time or another, both sets of my parents, and her parents, came over. But never all at once.
When I was single my apartments were never big enough to host more than a few people at a time; I always went to one set of parents’ place for meetings.

But finally, things all came together. My fiance and I live in Manhattan, and since we just moved in together a month ago, none of my family had seen the new pad.

The whole day felt very grown-up; the few hours of cleaning and prepping beforehand, the welcoming everyone into the apartment, the “appetizers” we served, going out to eat, coming back for dessert, etc.

It was no big deal on the surface, but it felt like a big deal to me.  When everyone left after the whole day had gone smoothly (my 7-year-old nephew was super-excited he could walk around the roof of the building; “I can see New Jersey from here!” he exclaimed, making him the first person to ever say that with excitement), we closed the door and sighed.

We have a lifetime of entertaining ahead of us; Thanksgivings, Rosh Hashanah, etc. For now, though, it was a big deal just to be “the hosts” for a change.

**Anything that even slightly references Monty Python and the “Silly Walk” has a good chance of making me laugh.
So here’s a video splicing commentary from the 2012 Olympic “Dressage” competition with, well, just watch…

**There were lots of times in my journalism career when I wished instead of covering sports, I was a police reporter. They always had the most fun stuff to write about.
Like I would’ve loved to be the police reporter in Spartanburg, S.C. when this came across the ole’ scanner.
A 26-year-old man in South Carolina was arrested after fighting with his 67-year-old Grandma.
Seems Jesse Beam heard Grandma come home and say she got chicken salad for dinner. He thought she was calling him a “chicken.”  When she tried to explain that’s not what she said, he threw a bowl of food at her and then shoved her to the ground, causing Grandma to get cuts and bruises and a broken nose.
Jesse was arrested for assault and battery, and given a free set of hearing aids at the county jail.