Daily Archives: August 15, 2012

My new Wii Fit game mocks me ruthlessly. Two dog videos to make you smile. And underwear in the microwave: not a good idea

So much to my delight, I’ve become a Wii person again.
I had one a few years ago and loved it, especially the Wii Fit game and the Wii Grand Slam Tennis, but it was one of the things that didn’t come with me in the divorce.
Happily, my Dad and stepmom bought us one for our birthdays this week, and so I am happily looking forward to diving back into the routine.
First, though, the Wii Fit game decided to humiliate me. To start your new Wii Fit routine, you have to take a “fitness and balance test,” of sorts. Basically the game asks you how tall you are, and then does a quick body mass calculation, as well as giving you a few balance tests.

Then, it spits out your “Wii Fit age.” This Friday I turn 37 years old. My Wii Fit age? 48.
Forty-eight! I was mad. I was angry at the little man inside the game who told me my age.
Then I realized it was a stupid little game, went out for a run, and feel more inspired than ever to drop the 10 pounds I’ve gained this year.

Hey, you get inspiration from wherever you can.

**Two dog videos that I think you will like on this “dog day” of August, where it’s steaming hot most everywhere in America.
The first (above) is a sweet story of a man named John Unger and his arthritic dog Shep, and the gesture John makes all the time: He floats with his 18-year-old pooch on his shoulder in Lake Superior, to ease the dog’s suffering. Truly special to watch.

The second video is a little different: A man filmed 58 dogs in four minutes at a boarding kennel, capturing all their expressions. Very eye-catching, and hard to forget after watching.

**Sometimes, you wonder if certain people should be allowed to vote, and drive cars.
A man in Weymouth, England decided to dry his underwear, and his socks, the other day using a method not really recommended by any clothing manufacturer: He put them in a microwave oven.
To his astonishment, said articles of clothing caught fire, the microwave caught fire, and firefighters had to be called to extinguish the blaze, but not before smoke damaged the apartment.

Man, would I have loved to have heard that 911 call.
Course, this reminds me of a famous story in my family, when my father washed my Cabbage Patch Doll, then left him in front of a space heater to dry.
He then went about his day, forgetting about Cassius Frankie (that was his name, and I loved him), only to smell smoke and come running.
Poor Frankie’s foot was singed! And when I got home I noticed, suspiciously, that the doll had a large Band-Aid over his right heel.

Ah, family memories.