Good news, then bad news, in fair politics. Sir-Mix-A-Lot movie mashup is awesome. And yet another major-league perfect game?

Sometimes I start the day feeling energized by a political story, feeling like finally some tangible forward-thinking policies are going forward.
Then the end of the day comes and I’m deflated again.
It happened Wednesday. First, let’s start with the good: The first applicants for the Obama administration’s “Dream Deferred” program lined up in cities across the country. This is the program, you may remember, which offers illegal immigrants under 31 who moved to the U.S. as teenagers to get a 2-year deferment from the threat of being deported, and to get a work permit or a chance to go to college legally.

Is it a path to legal immigration for them? Sadly, no. Are we really any closer on allowing illegal immigrants to follow a path to citizenship? Not really. But this is a damn encouraging start; as I listened to the radio Wednesday I heard interviews with dozens of young people thrilled to have this chance.

Which is what America is supposed to be about: Giving chances.

Of course, a few hours later I heard about this: The state of Pennsylvania courts upholding a law that requires every person who wants to vote there show a photo I.D. on Election Day.
Once again, the GOP wants to make it harder and harder for poor people and minorities, people most likely not to possess a photo ID, to vote. Suppression, suppression, suppression: That’s what it’s all about to the Republicans.

I ask for the 4,393rd time: What does it say about a political party when it wants as few people to vote as possible?

**I know there are a million creative movie mash-ups out there, and if I had time to watch all of them I’d probably laugh at 90 percent. But this one I saw the other day was particularly fantastic: Sir Mix-A-Lot’s famous hit song “Baby Got Back,” as said, one word at a time, by movie characters in history.
I’m so glad there are people out there with time to do stuff like this (See? who says there’s no upside to a bad economy?)

**Steroids are supposed to be pretty much out of baseball by now, and I truly believe major league batters aren’t on anything. Because otherwise how else to explain this bizarre perfect game trend going on in 2012?
There have been decades in big-league ball where there were ZERO perfect games. Now, in the last five months, there have been three. First Phil Humber of the White Sox in April, than Matt Cain of the Giants in June, and now Wednesday Felix Hernandez of the Mariners throws a perfecto.

I know lots of sportswriters are gnashing their teeth over this being a bad thing, and how perfect games have become too rare, yada yada yada. That’s what sportswriters (me included) sometimes do; we don’t just let something lie, we have to explain it.

Personally, I don’t care if perfect games happen once a week. There’s something beautiful and poetic about 27 up, 27 down. And just look at that photo above: What’s wrong with pure bliss felt by so many every now and then?


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