Augusta National finally admits women; the new sport of sheep-racing, and an awesome “Inside the Actors Studio” mash-up

This picture has nothing to do with anything, but I snapped it last weekend on the way to the beach and thought it was funny. Too bad there was no address…

Well, well, look who’s finally discovered that women are kinda sorta equal to men.
Augusta National Golf Club, heretofore the most chauvinistic place in the entire United States, has finally after 80 years decided to allow women to become members. Condi Rice and Darla Moore, step up right and join the misogynists.
Break out the champagne and party hats.
Yes, Augusta ignored all the pressure and protests of Martha Burk a few years back, didn’t listen when it bucked its own rules and refused to give a Fortune 500 CEO a membership (IBM has a female leader named Ginni Rometty, and previously all of the Masters’ corporate partners’ CEOs were named members), and basically continued to act like we were still in 1925.

Of course, what Augusta National was doing was legal; they’re a private club and can do what they want. But I always thought it was so small of the pro golf tour to continue to honor this bunch of yahoos who wouldn’t let women in by continuing to hold the prestigious Masters tournament there.

I had to laugh Monday when I read a few columns by people applauding Billy Payne and Augusta for finally doing the right thing.

Please. The last thing in the world these yahoos should get is applause. They’re a disgusting affront to modern men everywhere.

**Sure, the Olympics just ended, but it’s never too soon to start thinking about the next Games. And some people in Scotland have come up with a great new event for 2016:
Sheep racing. Oh come on, like you wouldn’t watch that.
If you click this link you can see some of the sheep “training” for the event that took place on August 11 (go ahead and click, no one’s judging you here). And then of course, the actual event is above (you’ve got to fast forward to 1:40 to see the sheep, but it’s worth it.)

The organizer of the event (which you could wager on, thrillingly), a guy named Thomas McDonald, said he thinks it could become an annual event.
I hope so. My only question is, when the sheep get tired after running, do they count themselves to get to sleep?

**Can’t remember if I’ve expressed my love for “Inside the Actors Studio” on my blog before, but if I haven’t, let me just say I used to worship that show. I loved James Lipton in all his pomposity and how he genuflected before his guests, I loved the honesty of the movie stars (I’ll never forget the touching Jack Lemmon, Steven Spielberg and Jamie Foxx episodes), and the sheer wonder/absurdity of how seriously actors take their craft.

Anyway, the show hasn’t been on much in recent years, but some brilliant Internet person named Jordan Laws made the above video mash-up combining the stars’ answers, and showing just how much they really are like each other.

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