The President smacks a solid double in speech. Two cute babies boppin’ to the beat. And an unlikely Cuba-America partnership in softball

And a happy Good News Friday to you all; I spent Thursday night wearing out my remote control, flipping between a scintillating U.S. Open match between Novak Djokovic and Juan Martin del Potro (the last few games of the second set is as good as tennis gets) and the Democratic National Convention.

A few words on Barack Obama’s speech: I thought it was good. A solid double, a 7.5 on a scale of 10.

Not as good as Michelle’s, certainly not as good as Bill Clinton’s. There was a much more sober, clear-headed feel to this Obama speech, and I think that’s a good thing.

Not as much rhetorically beautiful imagery, not as many great one-liners (though his beautiful section about “citizenship” was moving, and he did get a good chuckle out of Mitt’s “borrow money from your parents” bit; truly, mocking Romney is just so easy), but all in all I think he made the case for  why he deserves four more years.
It was a terrific convention for the Dems, with even Joe Biden staying on message and giving a rousing talk.

Now, on to the debates, where I expect Obama to crush Mitt and seal the deal.

**OK, this is too cute for words. My father sent me this video; twin baby girls rocking out to music in their high-chairs. I love it when one looks over at the other one laughing.

**Finally, a story that shows that consensus can be found in sports, even among countries who don’t usually like each other. Four years ago a group of senior softball players from the U.S. went to Cuba to play against a team of senior Cuban stars, beginning what was called “The Friendship Games.”

Until this year, it was always the U.S. squad travelling. But thanks to some diplomatic intervention, this summer the Cubans came to America, playing the U.S. squad in Fenway Park. Listen to this beautiful story on NPR’s “Only A Game;”  in it you hear the joy in the voices of the Cubans, and the gratefulness that’s apparent in the voices of the Americans.

It’s truly a simple, inspiring tale of sports thawing relations just a tiny bit.



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