Fla. Gov Rick Scott putting your tax dollars to waste! My namesake writes a great profile of Obama. And the worst idea for a proposal, ever

It’s almost too easy criticizing Florida governor Rick Scott some days.
The man is so inept, so incompetent, so wrong on so many issues, that I have no doubt he is well on his way to being one of the worst governors in the history of America.

To add to the long litany of mistakes Mr. Scott has made, I give you this story from this week. Back in April state data reported on the results of Scott’s grand, much-needed plan to require drug tests for people who seek welfare benefits. As it turned out, it didn’t save any money (it actually cost the state an extra $45,ooo) and it saw 2.6 percent of welfare applicants fail the drug test.

Yep, ole’ Rick sure fixed that problem but quick.

Now comes word of the results of one of Scott’s other “brilliant,” necessary ideas, where he vowed to crack down and eliminate from Florida’s voting rolls all those illegal aliens who are casting fraudulent votes in the state’s elections.

The results of this fabulous use of state time and money? They caught one guy. One freaking guy, a Canadian, is all that’s been caught, tried and convicted in Florida for pretending to be an American and voting in two of our elections.

Sigh. Rick Scott was a joke when he ran for governor, and he’s a joke now. But it’s not funny; the man is doing serious damage to a state with millions of citizens who don’t deserve his kind of bumbling “leadership.”

**I’ve said many times before, to anyone who would listen, that if I have to share my name with a much more famous writer, I’m glad it’s a really talented scribe whose success is because of his skill, not because he writes trashy stories.

Michael Lewis, who of course wrote “Moneyball” and “The Blind Side” and many, many other books and articles, got a unique opportunity for a Vanity Fair story: he spent eight months hanging out with the President of the United States.

He got to see Barack Obama in unguarded moments, when he was just shooting the bull, and he got to watch Obama play basketball, hang out on Air Force One (did you know it was big enough to carry a casket? One of the many things I learned), and talk about the excruciatingly difficult decision of whether to send troops into Libya last year.

It’s a very long story but one that gives great insights into Obama. Whether you love him or hate him, I guarantee you’ll come away from this piece feeling like you know him a lot better. Check it out here., and here is an interview Lewis did with Rachel Maddow about the piece.

**Finally, I spend some time on Wide World of Stuff highlighting romantic, sweet, unique marriage proposals, because I love them and I’m a hopeless sap.

Then there’s the opposite end of the spectrum:  This guy. A Russian man named Alexey Bykov really wanted to marry his girlfriend, Irena Kolokov. But he wasn’t sure how to pop the question.
So he hired a writer, a director, movie stuntmen and makeup artists to stage a car crash, and instructed Irena to meet him at the scene.

When she showed up, she found Alexey covered in fake blood.

“When I arrived there were mangled cars everywhere, ambulances, smoke and carnage…a paramedic told me he was dead and I just broke down in tears,” Kolokov told Orange News.

The tears, apparently, were good enough for Byokov, who sprang to his feet and proposed–fake blood, bandages, and all.

I mean … dude! You couldn’t have just taken her out to a nice restaurant or popped the question at a ballgame or something?
Alexey my friend, the bar has been set high (or low).

Personally, if I’m Irena, I’m expecting Alexey to start a fake war on their wedding day.


2 responses to “Fla. Gov Rick Scott putting your tax dollars to waste! My namesake writes a great profile of Obama. And the worst idea for a proposal, ever

  1. I thought your voice sounded really different on NPR … LOL! JK. But the interview with the Other Michael Lewis was very interesting.

  2. Here is Greenwalds take on the article. He has written about this subject before about getting permission on quotes.


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