The Jets crash back to Earth, and the Giants win a wild one. Thoughts on Rosh Hashanah. And another NHL lockout makes me sad

Well, that’s more like what I expected this season.
My New York Jets shocked most people by scoring 48 points in an easy season-opening win last week.  Maybe they won’t be as bad as we think, right?
Um, yeah, reality struck on Sunday.
Sunday against Pittsburgh, my boys in green and white couldn’t run, couldn’t throw, couldn’t catch, and couldn’t tackle much at all in the second half, and fell to a much better Steelers team, 27-10.
Mark Sanchez was wild with his throws, the running game was non-existent after the first quarter, I have no idea why the hell Tim Tebow’s on the team if they’re not going to use him (he barely played Sunday), and I’m starting to wonder if the pass rush really has gotten any better, since they’re still not knocking down quarterbacks.

Just as I didn’t overreact with glee to the Week 1 win, not going to overreact a bad Week 2 loss. Still, they better win next week, because after that the Jets have San Fran and Houston, probably the 2 best teams in the league right now.

Some other quick-hit NFL thoughts on a wild week:
Watched that Giants-Bucs game in a sports bar and I can’t remember a wilder swing of emotions from fans watching their team. First Giants were awful, then great, then awful, then great. What a nutty and crazy 41-34 win over Tampa. Good Eli and Bad Eli both out in full force.
— Not sure if the Redskins and Panthers will be any good this year, but man they are so fun to watch. RGIII has an enormous arm.
— Cannot believe the Patriots lost that game to Arizona when the Cards begged them to take it in the final two minutes. I was happy, but stunned, when Brady’s boys lost.
–Is it me, or is there WAY more fighting and scuffling after the play this year? Maybe it’s because the replacement refs have no control over these games.
— Best play I saw all day: Reggie Bush’s run over the Raiders. Maybe he’ll finally become the star this year we all thought he’d be.

**Wanted to give a shout out all my fellow Members of the Tribe today and wish you all a Happy New Year, as we celebrate Rosh Hashanah together. As a kid, I loved Rosh because it meant days off from school, but I hated going to synagogue and sitting through interminable and boring services. My friends and I used to sneak out to the bathroom and just hang out there to kill time, we were so bored.

Now? I go to temple rarely, so services like the one I went to Sunday night wasn’t so bad. I’m a Reform Jew, and I was at a Reform synagogue I’d never been to, and one thing I noticed was how many men weren’t wearing yarmulkes. Seems strange to me.
Still, it was enjoyable and mercifully pretty quick. A Happy New Year to all.

**Finally, stop me if you’ve heard this before, hockey fans (and yes, I acknowledge that I may be talking to myself here). A great season ends, capped by a fabulous playoff run by a major market team, and with all that excitement for another season starting … the owners lock out the players, and months will go by before we see hockey again.
So damn frustrating, but for the third time in 17 years, the NHL owners have decided they’ve given players too much money and don’t want to do it anymore, so are shutting down the sport. As of Friday night, the NHL is closed. And it looks like it might be closed for a long, long time.

As usual, I side with the players here; they gave back a whole lot during the last lockout in 2004-05, and now the owners want further concessions. It’s the same old b.s.; the owners declare they’re losing tons of money, but won’t show us the books.
Man, Gary Bettman’s got some legacy as commissioner, huh? Three disgusting, unnecessary lockouts on his watch. Just a disgrace.


2 responses to “The Jets crash back to Earth, and the Giants win a wild one. Thoughts on Rosh Hashanah. And another NHL lockout makes me sad

  1. I feel bad about the lockout, but at least we get to watch AHL hockey. Hockey owners for the most part have to be the least far thinking in sports. When you think about it they expanded way to quickly and then put teams in places where no one cares that much about hockey.

    By the way have you ever read the book Game Misconduct by Russ Conway. Most of it is about Alan Eagleson but you do get a pretty good insight in to the NHL. I am sure the book is probably out of print, but you should be able to find it in a library in New York. If not I am sure you can find it on Amazon.

  2. Happy New Year! Go GIANTS!

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